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WBCC Rules / Regulations for Whitebirch Campground

Special tax Information

MS 168.012 Subd. 9. Manufactured homes and park trailers.


WBCC Board Member









  1. Owners may have only one permanent Camper/RV on their site; additional tents, pop-ups, campers, fish houses are limited to Seven (7) days.  Effective May 2022 “Any additional camper on an owner’s lot will be charged a daily fee of $15per day from day 1 and must be pre-registered with the office, The maximum time that a 2nd camper can remain on a lot is seven (7) days.  A 2nd camper after removal has to remain off of a residents’ lot for a period of seven (7) days.”  Any owner who violates this rule will receive a letter stating that the 2nd camper is in violation of this rule, and has twenty (20) days to remove second camper. Owner will continue to pay at a rate of $15 per day up to 20 days. If not complied with after this timeframe day 21, an letter/invoice will be sent to the owner with a violation fee of $25/day till 2nd camper is removed.  Extra campers on lots are costing the campground money, i.e., extra electrical, usage of the pools, comfort stations, boat slips etc by guests/additional family members.  “Utility trailers are not considered a “camper” unless there is a bed or sleeping area in it. 
  2. Camping Space in Cluster 1 will also be $15 per day starting May 2022.


If you have any questions Please reach out to your Committee Member or Jeff Johnson. 



All Ups/Fedex packages will not be delivered at the office after Fri 9/24

Please if you have any Pkgs in the office come and pick them up.




Laundrys rooms  in Comfort station 4 and 5 will be closed Sept 22 


Thx Vicki

UPS & Fedex  Packages will stop being delivered to the office on Fri Sept 24th.

Have your pks delivered by then or you will have to contact UPS / Fedex directly to track down.


Thx Vicki

Cluster 1 Gate has been down for a while now. The mother board was burned and has been replaced. The gear box is broken and also will be replaced.

The gear box is on order and as soon as it gets in, Birchdale will be out to install it.


Thx Vicki

Owners meeting/Fireside chats. Rather than the two yearly owners meetings, Fireside Chats are going to be instituted.   Fireside chats will be monthly get togethers wherein the Residents can meet with the Committee members, familiarize themselves as to who the committee members are, and discuss any issues or ideas.  These will be held every 2nd Saturday at 9:00 am to 10am May thru Sept. The locations will be determined each month, and posted on the website to make sure all owners are aware. The committee members can therefore take any unresolved issues back to the full committee for further discussions and resolutions. Residents could also preregister their issues/ideas at the office. This process will begin May 2022.

Tuesday Sept 14 there will be limited access to the Whitebirch boat slips and beach area.
If you need your boat for fishing etc, Please move over to Breezy Center Boat slips for the day. This is located in front of Dockside.
The resort will be doing some work in the area. You may return the your boat to the Whitebirch slips the following day on Wed.

Thx Vicki
Any questions Please call the office.


I want to update some more information for the season end closing. Please be aware of the dates they have changed !
Office will be closed for the season on Saturday Sept 25 end of day.

1. Laundry Rooms will be winterized the week of Sept 27 and then closed down.
2. Packages UPS, FEDEX - No more deliveries to office effective Fri, Sept 24
3. Water is still on to blow out Oct 4, 5, 6
4. Comfort Stations 2, 3, 4- will be closed the week of Sept 27.
5. Comfort Stations 1 & 5 will remain open till after deer hunting season.
6. Storage- Will be open till Sunday Oct 3, After that you will have to contact J Johnson to get access.

Thank you, Stay Safe!


WBCC Campground Season 2021 coming to a close.


**Water lines will be blown out on Monday Oct 4,5,6


**Comfort Stations 2,3,4 will be closed down Oct 4,5,6


**Comfort Station 1, 5 will remain open until after deer hunting season.


**Storage will be closed by Oct 6, will have to contact J Johnson for entry into storage. Get your boats done early prior to closing.


** Office will be closing on Thursday Oct 7.


**UPS & FEDEX will no longer be delivering packages to the office effective Oct 1.  Please make sure you have ordered and received your pkgs by then.



If you have any questions, please contact the office.

The water lines in  the campground will be blown out starting Monday October 4, 5, 6

Please have your units winterized prior to that date.

Pools are closing on September 7. 


Thanks Vicki

As of Aug 25th Crow Wing County still has NO OPEN BURNING & NO CAMPFIRES ALLOWED.

I will keep you posted on any updates.




Looking for qualified and enthusiastic candidates for the Campground Committee Cluster 1 for the season starting in 2022 and beyond.  The ideal candidates should be willing to take an active part in the Committee with attendance at meetings, bringing fresh ideas in regard to the Campground, looking at problems and working toward resolutions and be actively speaking to homeowners in their Clusters.  If you are interested and feel that you would be a good addition to the Committee based upon your prior experience and future commitment to this Committee, please forward your background history or resume, as well as a cover letter indicating how your commitment would be helpful in producing a very active Committee. Please forward this information to and

Owners a reminder : If you are building a MN room, Deck ,Shed, Holding Tank, Awning etc.


If you do not have a permit stop and get the paperwork from the office.

Owners in non compliance are subject to fines! 


Thank You 


If you sell your property Please make sure that the office is contacted as to who you are selling to!

We need to have the New Owner registration filled out along with the gate card# you are giving to the new owner.

These cards will be put in the their name, any other cards in the seller name will be deactivated.

Please make sure this is done to avoid any issues and hassles with gate cards.




Thx Vicki


 Due to the very dry conditions state wide.  Crow Wing County is under a NO CAMPFIRES OR OPEN BURNING Ban !!!

Absolutely NO FIREWORKS !!

Please do not burn anything ! If you are burning you will be asked to put it out !

Thanks you,



August 2, 2021

Attention Owners:  If your gate cards do not work, please come to the office.  I can scan them and see what is happening.  Owners please do not let others into the campground if their cards to not work. There is a reason!   Come and see me.  Thanks, Vicki


Labor Day Weekend  Gathering

When: Saturday Sept 4th

Time: 4pm to 6pm

COST is $5 per person. You can purchase your tickets at the office.

Please have them purchased no later than Sat Aug 21st.

I need a headcount for food ordering- Bring your ticket with you to the event. 


Pavilion we are serving:

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Baked Beans

Corn Bread

PLEASE Bring your own beverage !

LIVE MUSIC will be provided by Gina & Mark- from 4pm to 7pm

Come on out and have a end of the season gathering with your friends and family !!!!


July 21, 2021

SELLERS if you are selling your lot PLEASE tell the new buyers to come to the Office and give us the new information.  I want to make sure that the gate cards are moved to the new owners name, and any old cards are deactivated.  We need the most current information on our new owners.

Thank you, Vicki


July 16, 2021

Housekeeping works very hard to keep our Comfort Stations clean for owners and guests that use them!  I can not stress enough if you are using the Comfort Stations PLEASE dispose of your fecal matter in the toilets NOT in the showers!!  This is a very unsanitary act and down right disgusting.


July 12, 2021

The parking lot by the office is for guest parking for 2 - 3 days in a row.  Please do not use this area as a storage area.  If you need storage, please come and see me to see if I have a spot for you to fit in.  There are other storage facilities in the area.  Please check into these also.  When guests leave the campground they need to take these trailers, boats, etc with them.  Any questions, pleae come ans sese me.



July 12, 2021

ALL owners need to read the rules and regulations for the Campground.  I want to post this so everyone is on the same page. Thanks Vicki


July 9, 2021

There has been a lot of guests in the campground.  I want to remind ALL owners that a 2nd camper is allowed on your lot for 7 days and then needs to be removed.  Please make sure that when parking these additional campers that you  are on your lot and not onto someone else's lot even a little bit.  Please be respectful of your neighbors.

Thanks, Vicki


July 9, 2021

Please DO NOT USE the Tennis Courts as a Dog Park!

Thank you, Vicki


July 1, 2021


Please when backing in your boat/trailer please make sure you are in the inside of the 10 foot area.  If you get outside of the 10 foot area or park at a slight angle you are now impacting the site next to you.  If you need help we can assist with that.

I still have some small sites open for small utility trailers and small fishing boats.  If anyone is intersted please contact me.  NO pontoons they are too large for the areas.

Thanks Vicki


June 28, 2021

If you are ordering on line and the packages are being delivered to the Campground office, please pick them up as soon as possible.

I do have several packages here that have not been picked up.  Vicki


June 24, 2021

The 2 new speed bumps have been installed on Whitebirch Way in Cluster 1.  Speed bump signage has been posted along with 5MPH signs in both areas.  The temporary bumps have been removed.  Please respect and be aware of your surroundings.  Thank you Vicki


June 22, 2021


New Owners Informational Meeting

When:  Saturday July 24th

Where:  Pavilion

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Please join us.


June 22, 2021

The Campground has installed 2 speed bumps on Whitebirch Way due to speeding through the campground at more than 5MPH.  Posted.

These are temporary until the actual speed bumps come in.

Please be respectful of your neightbor, and most of all the children that play in and around the area along with our pets!

Be Safe and Slow Down!!

Vicki, Manager


June 22, 2021

Boat parking is either at your site or in storage.  The parking lot by the office is not for boat parking!  If you have a boat parked in this parking lot, please remove it.  There is temporary boat parking down in Cluster 1 by the tennis court.

Thanks, Vicki


Due to the very dry conditions in the area, I am asking owners/friends/guests not to burn leaves/trash.  If you are having a campfire please use wood, keep it small and always put out the cinders with water when you are done.  One spark can burn down a forest!

Thank you Vicki WBCC Manager


June 4, 2021

Per the By-Laws: 1 permament camper per lot!  Owners may have only 1 permament camper/park model per lot.  Additional tents or pop-ups are limited to 7 days only! 

If you have a second camper on your lot for more than 7 days please remove it!  If you have a second lot please put the second camper on that lot. Notices will be going out to owners regarding the extended use of a second camper.

Thanks Vicki



Regarding the pool areas, these are for people to relax, have fun with friends and family.


Thank you Vicki


Cluster 1 has 2 speed dips  on Whitebirch Way.  There is signage posted.  Please slow down when driving thru the campground, there are children at play!  Thanks, Vicki


June 1, 2021

Owners:  If you are building or putting a holding tank in, you need to get a permit from the office.  It has to be approved by the campground and then taken to the City of Breezy Pont for building permit.  Holding tanks need approval from the campground and you will go to the Crow Wing County Courthouse for the permit.

Thanks Vicki

May 28, 2021

REMINDER:  Please boat owners if you are docking your boat at the WBCC boat docks by the beach you do need to get the new
BLUE boat sticker for your boat.  Stickers are $5.00.  Please stop by the office.  Thanks Vicki


This Memorial Day weekend please make sure all guests and family members are aware of the rules for the Campground.  We all need to be respectful of our neighbors.  Please keep in mind the current golf cart rules regarding kids!  Pool rules and quiet times!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!  Vicki


I wanted to address an issue that seems to be happening often!  When going through the gate please only 1 car/truck go through at a time!  I have seen 3 cars going through at a time and trucks with trailers going through tail gating with the vehicles ahead of them. 

All the owners in the campground bear the costs of the gates.  You Break you Buy!  The gate is there for security not just for you but all the owners here in the Campground!  Please respect that and NO tail gating!



May 14, 2021

For the 2021 boating season we will be issuing a new blue sticker for your boat.  Please stop by the office to register for the 2021 sticker.  You may be asked to fill out a new information form for your boat.  If we have one from the past, we will verify the info.  The 2021 blue boat sticker will be $5.00.

My staff will be walking the docks and checking for the new blue sticker.  All owners of WBCC will have to come to the office to get one if they are using the WBCC boat docks.  The new sticker does not reserve a space for you at the docks it only indicates that you are a current owner.  This should help minimize the usage from non WBCC folks.  New signage has been ordered and will be posted at the docks.

Thank you Vicki


May 13, 2021

I will be posting ALL the information regarding the campground on this Website:

Please check the websitre for the current updated information.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact the office.

Thank you. Vicki

May 7, 2021

When cleaning up your sites if you have any of the following items please take them to compost site located ate 7497 Dakota Drive, Breezy Point  - Leaves, Grass Clippings, Ashes

Do not push into the woods/forest and do not put your bags or dump debris by the trash cans

Thanks Vicki

September  22, 2020


The old location has been closed so here is the new location.

Conservation Debris Area:

Now At: 7947 Dakota Drive, Breezy Point

South on Ranchette, left on Percheron Dr, turn left on Dakota Dr.

You will go through a little trail but the area opens up.

Please make sure you put your debris in the correct pile.  Hours will be open during the day light time frame.

Yes they have a pile for ashes only!

Please use this facility do not put leaves, brush and ashes in the woods or in common areas.

The new faciltiy is closer than before.

Thanks, Vicki WBCC Mgr


September  11, 2020


1)       The Permanent Storage site fees will increase to $125 per year.  This will be effective as of May 1, 2021.   These fees will be due during the month of May each year.   If there are any changes to the items being stored, then a new registration permit form must be completed.


2)       A utility charge of $20.00 per day for the reserved RV site located in Cluster I will be effective as of May 1, 2021.  The owner of the lot requesting a reservation for a friend/relative will be charged the $20 per night utility charge which can be paid at the Whitebirch office.


3)      Beginning May 1, 2021 the Whitebirch boat stickers will be changing color.  All boats registered will have to obtain a new boat sticker for the particular year.  There will be a $5.00 sticker charge to cover the cost of new stickers.  These colored stickers will change each year to help identify the boats that belong to Whitebirch owners only.    You may begin to purchase your new stickers in the spring of 2021.  You will have to complete a boat registration form if you have not done so. Bigger and better signage about “Permit Parking only” will also be coming next year.  PURCHASING A BOAT STICKER DOES NOT GUARANTEE A BOAT SPOT-the spots are first come-first served on the docks.


4)      The Pavilion area is available for use for non Whitebirch events.  Beginning May 1, 2021, there will be a $50 deposit charge for this usage.  Upon completion and cleanup of the event, the amount of $25 will be refunded to the owner.  These funds will not go into the general budget but will be used for such things as painting of the picnic tables, and general upkeep of the pavilion.


If you have any questions please call or email me.

Vicki WBCC Mgr

218-831-1919-- office


Reminder:  If owners have not filled out their owners information form please do so before the end of the season.  You can pick up the form here at the office or I can email the form to you.

My email here at the office is:

Office will be closed on Sunday's through the end of September.

Friday September 25 will be the last day that my staff and I will be here at the campground.

The office will be closed for the season.

PLEASE:  if you have been ordering on line packages to be sent here make sure you have done so in plenty of time so you   receive the package before September 25.

Reminder:  Water blow out October 8, 9, 10, and 11

Reminder:   Pools are now closed.

Reminder:    Storage Sunday - Thursday 8 to 8.  Friday and Saturday 8 to 10 till end of September.

Reminder:    Send email to me on any water leaking from outdoor faucets.

Reminder:    Disconnect any and all outdoor hoses.

Reminder:    When parking boats in storage stay between the 10 foot poles.

Thank you, if you have any questions please contact me at the office 218-831-1919.

Vicki WBCC Manager


September 1, 2020

The summer season here in MN is once again coming to a close.  It was a different year due to Covid but I am hoping that next year 2021 will be much better.

There have been several projects done this season and a lot of cleaning and clearing of lots.  Keep it up! We will be having a spring clean up in 2021.  Will keep you posted.

The final roll off is in storage.  I will not be ordering another one once this is full.

Our voluteers have been awesome and have  done a great job!!!!!! Thank you!

The response in filling our your information along with gate cards have been super, if you have not turned in your sheet please do so at the office.

Just a reminder for this comming up weekend (Labor Day) we will all need to do our part and make sure we are following the rules of the park.

Quiet time is at 11:00 p.m  on Friday and Saturday.

Golf cart driving age is 15.

Be respectful of your neighbor.

if building a shed, a MN room, deck etc, please fill out the paperwork for approval of the structure before you start building.

Please remind your guests of the rules also, this make it much easier for my security folks.

I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into your park as your Campground Manager, I am looking forward to seeing all of you next year.


Vicki - WBCC Manager

September 1, 2020

Storage Hours starting after Labor Day will be as follows:

September 8, 2020 storage will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.   Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  This will remain in effect until the end of September, at that time hours will change again but the hours will be posted on the website for October through April.

Reminder:  Starting September 8 the pools will be closed for the season.



August 14, 2020

The parking area down by the Guard Shack in Cluster 2 IS NOT BOAT PARKING!!  The temp storage area is located in Cluster 1 down by the tennis courts.  This area has been increased in size and has class 5 laid down.

Park your boats down in that area.

The re-numbering has been completed in the permanent storage area, I now need for folks to re-adjust their boats into there 10ft space, and we can start to call folks on the waiting list and get then parked also.

Any questions, comments, concerns.  Please call the office.

Vicki - WBCC manager



August 12, 2020

I want to update everyone about the storage area.  The current storage area in the middle will be renumbered again.  The permieter numbering will not be changed.

The spacing in the center will be at 10 ft wide.  The rope is up and numbers will be out soon.

I ask that you park with in the 10 ft spacing.  Your spot will be the same spot just a different number.  Please look at your spot and if you are between 2 spaces Please re-adjust your parking.

I will be calling folks on the waiting list next week.

If need be, we can re-adjust for you!

The New Storage area is being preppred for Elite Fencing to come out and install the fencing and gate.  This also will be 10 ft wide spaces.  There will be a pass thru from the new storage to the old storage area.  This area will be completed by the end of August.

Again the remaining folks on the list will be called at that time.

By doing this change we will pick up alot more spots to  have permanent storage inside the campground.  If the 10ft spacing is too narrow you may want to consider storage in town.

Please be careful when backing in and be considerate to your fellow owner,

Vicki - WBCC Manager




August 5, 2020

Temporary Storge for Campground Owners has been completed for use by both Cluster 1 and 2.

Please keep in mind this area is for 7 days only and is not a permanent storage area!!

When parking your boat, trailer or RV please park straight in DO NOT PARK AT ANGLES.

Please keep close to your neighbor so more folks can use the area

Use of this area beyond 7 days is an abuse of the privilege provided to you during our busy season and may prevent another owner being able to use their privilege.

Stay Safe !!

Vicki, WBCC Mgr


August 3, 2020


Regarding Gate  Cards

Thanks to all the  owners who are quickly filling  these out and getting them back to us here in the office.  There are still forms being passd out in Cluster 1 yet.

In completing your form please make sure to include ALL of your gate cards on the form.  If there are any cards in your name that are not listed on the form they will be deactivated.  However if you encounter a deactivated card and you are still an owner, stop by the office and have it re-activated.  This new process will allow us to keep better control of the gate cards!  Thank you all for your cooperation and Stay Safe!


Vicki - WBCC Manager


July 28, 2020

Attention:  Cluster 2 Temporary Storage

WBCC will be expanding the permanent storage in Cluster 2 to incorporate the temporary storage area.  Elite Fending will be putting up a fence to secure the area and also a second gate entrance into the area.

BUT I need for anyone who has a boat, trailer in the temporary storage area in Cluster 2 to please have this removed by no later than Monday August 10.  After this date we will be blocking off that area to start excavating and prepping it for fencing to be installed

We will be picking up more permanent storage sites after this has been completed.  I do have a waiting list for sites.  Please check and make sure you are on the list.  After fencing is complete I will be calling the first person on the waiting list and start assigning spots in order.

In Cluster 1 we are expanding temporary storage so this area will become the 7 day storage area.  Please keep to 7 days!!

Any questions or concerns please contact the office 218-831-1919.

Vicki, WBCC Manager


July 28, 2020


ATTENTION:  Cluster 1 Temporary Storage

If you have a vehicle or trailer in the temp storage area in Cluster 1 that has been there more than 7 days Please remove ASAP.  If you have issues getting your boat, trailer moved please let the Office know and we can move it for you!

WBCC will be startng to expand the temp storage area in Cluster 1 to fit more temporary storage spots.  Mark will be doing some bobcat work in that area.  We will be marking the ground with stakes.  Please keep between the metal poles when parking.

I would appreciate your moving your stuff out by Monday August 3 in order to get the work done.  Anything left will be moved by the park!

Your assistance in this matter would be much appreciated?

Any questions or concerns please contact the office.  218-831-1919

Thank you,

Vicki WBCC Manager

July 17, 2020

I will be handing out information sheets to ALL owners to fill out.  The purpose is to update our information so it is current and correct.  Please fill them out and stop by the office to drop off.  My team will be stopping by your home here in the campground to drop one off.

Thanks, Vicki


July 17, 2020


Clarification on the Permit for a Golf Cart Sticker for City of Breezy Point

** You do not need a City of Breezy Point Permit for your Golf Cart IF that cart Does Not Leave the Campground!!


July 16, 2020

IMPORTANT:  The golf cart rules for the Whitebirch Campground have been updated effective August 1, 2020 due to helping to protect the safety of all residents and guests.  Please review this notice with your families and guests and help us work to abide by them.   Note:  At the present time, there is not a Whitebirch Golf Cart course being offered and therefore no new certificates will be given.

  Effective Aug 1, 2020 *******UPDATED WBCC I AND II GOLF CART  RULES

** All Golf Carts must have a City of Breezy Point Permit **

**Golf carts within the Whitebirch Campground Clusters I and II must have their Cluster #, Block & Lot displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

All numbers must be 2” tall

**All Golf carts must have Insurance Coverage**

** Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH **


 The age requirement to drive a golf cart within the City of Breezy Point is 15 years of age.

**Effective Aug 1, 2020 The age to drive a golf cart in the White Birch Campground will also be 15 years of age.** 

If a youngster has previously taken the WBCC golf driving test and received a certificate from the Campground office, and are under the age of 15, the child has to wear his/her lanyard with certificate attached AND be accompanied by an adult seated next to them on the golf cart only on Campground Property .


Note to Parents & Grandparents : 


All children are being asked to abide by these rules and asking for your help in enforcing this policy to insure the safety of all.  Please remind your children that driving is a privilege. 


Stay Safe


Vicki Woods

Whitebirch Campground Manager



June 30, 2020

No one likes a power outage!

Due to the recent strain on the electric grid here at the park, we can all do our part and try to reduce the electric usage.  When we have extra campers on our sites, multiple air conditioners, they are pulling extra electric, it also puts extra strain on the park electric grid blowing the breakers. The park employees are doing their best to correct the situation and trying to get the electric back on. Please be patient!  No need to dial 911.  Please call the office and let us know.

Thank you

Vicki, WBCC Manager


Please make sure that if you have a small child that requires a diaper, PLEASE use Little Swimmers, they are designed for a small child so that they do not have accidents in the pool.  When fecal/diarrhea accidents occur in or around the pool we do have to close the pool!  Please for everyone in the campground  use Little Swimmers.

Thank you.

Vicki WBCC Manager


June 24, 2020

Pool Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Please keep the pool areas clean and pick up after yourself.

Reminder due to COVID 19 restrictons.  Please NO POOL TOYS ALLOWED!

No pets in the pool area.

No glass bottles.

No food.

Thank you WBCC Manager Vicki


June 22, 2020

Regarding extra campers on your lot.  Owners may only have 1 permanent camper/RV on their lot.  Additional tents or pop ups are limited to 7 days only!  If you are an owner that has more than 1 on your lot, please remove it.

Please make sure that your 911 sign is located out on the curb in front of your home.  If you have removed the 911 sign, please make sure it is put back.  This helps us all find your home quickly.

Thanks for your help.

WBCC Manager Vicki



REMINDER to Kids and Parents:  12 years or older or if they don't have a drivers license.

If you have a child that has taken the driving course in the past (WB or DNR) and driving a golf cart inside the resort, they have to have their blue lanyard with the permit displayed on their person while driving the golf cart.  If they have lost it, stop by the office to get another.


Kids using golf carts must obey the 5 mile per hour speed limit.

Stay on the right of the road.

Stop at all stop signs.

No use of cell phones while driving.

Can Not drive after dark.

Absolutely NO HORSE PLAY while driving.

Security will be checking all kids and if they do not have their permits on them and displayed they will be asked to go back to their site and park the cart.

Parents, please understand the rules for under age driving and help to enforce the park policies!

At this time there are NO golf cart driving course classes available at the resort.

Thank you,

WBCC Manager Vicki


June 11, 2020

WBCC Pool Rules


WBCC # 1 - 15 people allowed in pool area

WBCC # 2 - 30 people allowed in pool area

                     3 in kiddie pool

                     7 in hot tub

No large groups or parties allowed

No swim toys of any kind allowed


Hands - wash them often and well.

Face - don't touch it

Distance - Stay over 6 feet apart

Feeling Sick - go home

Please see signage at pools for additional information.



June 9, 2020
Please be mindful of our electric usage.  It is part of the dues that you pay, but please also keep that in mind that when you leave for a week, please turn off your air conditioner.

Thank you, WBCC Manager, Vicki


Trash Dumpsters are emptied Mondays and Fridays.  These dumpsters are only for household trash!  Not hazardous waste!!  There is a purple 20 yard roll off dumpster that has been dropped in the storage area, this will be used for larger items that should not be put in the regular household dumpsters.  Please be respectful and courteous to your neighbors and clean up behind yourself.

Thank you, Whitebirch Management


In case of severe weather and resident's need to go to the storm shelter:  The storm shelter is located at the convention center in the Breezy Point Resort.  Comfort Stations are not storm shelters!


Going forward Whitebirch Campground will start using the 911 street address numbers (blue numbers) that have been assigned to your site to identify where you are located in the park.  Please become familiar with your number and street name.  We will no longer using lot and block to identify your site.  This will help to assist everyone in easily finding your site.

Thank you,
Whitebirch Campground Manager


Office Hours 8:00 - 4:30

Campground Phone Numbers:  Office  218-562-5474  Cell 218-831-1919