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WBCC Rules / Regulations for Whitebirch Campground

Special tax Information

MS 168.012 Subd. 9. Manufactured homes and park trailers.


WBCC Committee Members












Good Afternoon Campers!


Quick Update:

While up in the corporate office, we noticed that the marina staff are working diligently on placing docks in the bay. It appears the WBCC docks are in the water as of today!


We are aware of the hot water issue in Comfort Station 1 in Cluster 1. Resort maintenance will be here in the morning to address it!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!



After some very long, rough days, I am finally done with jury duty. My first experience was definitely a doozy. Office hours will run Tuesday through Saturday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm for now. Deb has decided to

pursue other endeavors this summer, so the office will remain closed on Sundays and Mondays until I can find a replacement for her. She will be greatly missed in the office this season! The boneyard will be available

the same hours until we can arrange for more hours!


There are tons to do before Memorial Day. We have new carpet being installed in the clubhouse. We are revamping the golf practice area. This includes new astro turf and sand. Cluster 1 pool will be repainted this spring. The

wader pool and the hot tub will also be repainted.


Good news: Both clusters have a working Comfort Station that is ready for use! Comfort Station 1 by Cluster 1 pool in open and Comfort Station 5 in the upper ring of Cluster 2 is open.


We have no definitive date for turning on the water yet. As long as the weather holds, it should be rather quickly.


We have new apparel this year. Hoodies and Caps! They will be arriving sometime in early May. We will keep you posted!



See you all soon,


WBCC Manager






Quick update:  After speaking with the resort housekeeping manager, it sounds like Comfort Station 1 won't be available until Wednesday or Thursday. We apologize for the inconvienence, but she has new hires

that are training for the first few days this coming week. Comfort Station 5 (Cluster 2 inner ring) will be available to all owners.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC,


       We were able to get Comfort Station 5 up and functional today. It has been cleaned and it is ready for use. This also means that campers have access to the water spigot on the back of the building.

On the men's side, the last shower head needs to be tighten down. It is spraying everywhere but the shower area! We will have maintenance tighten it tomorrow when they come over to get Comfort Station 1 up

and functional. Resort housekeeping will come clean it also. Garbage service will resume starting tomorrow. Unfortunately, access to the boneyard will still be by appointment except on the weekends while the office

is open. Hopefully we can have more office hours very shortly.



Have a great week,


WBCC Manager






Good Evening Campers,


       I am proud to announce all of Cluster 1 and 2 have electricity as of 8 pm tonight. Office hours will be very limited for a few weeks due to my civil duty (jury duty)! I will be here on the weekends until

further notice. We are having some issues with the comfort stations at the moment but we are hoping to resolve them shortly. We will keep you updated as we know more. We have lots of projects planned and

hope to see you all soon!!


Have a great evening,


WBCC Manager






   Good Afternoon WBCC!


    It is officially spring in the land of ice and snow! As many of you know, Minnesota has had a major lack of those two things this winter. But in true Minnesota fashion, Mother Nature has decided to have a

   "hold my beer" moment. We are predicted to be nailed with a sprinter blizzard this week. We have been keeping an eye on it. Because of this, we have decided to hold off on turning the electricity on until after the weather has

   passed. Hopefully, the 40's that follow the predicted blizzard will prove to be useful in melting the snow away quickly!


    We did do a drive through of the campground and happy to report that we did not see any major damage. We saw the usual downed branches and one downed tree by the pond in the field in Cluster 2.


    We are itching to open the campground to see all of you again! We are looking forward to another great season filled with good times and great memories!


    See you soon,


   WBCC Manager 







Good Evening WBCC!


As always, we have been keeping an eye on the extended forecast to make sure we were still seeing temperatures above freezing during the day. It seems tomorrow, 11/22/2023 will be the last day above freezing.

Because of this, management has decided to blow-out the remaining comfort stations tomorrow. We do not want to risk any pipe damage. We know this might be an inconvenience for owners and we do apologize.

The electricity will remain on until 11/27 as promised just in case someone needs to do any last minute season repairs or upgrades. See you in the Spring!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Good Morning WBCC!


     Today is the last day that the office will be open for the season. The campground cellphone will be turned off for the season and the boneyard will be available by appointment only through corporate.


      The mapping of Cluster 1's electric is almost complete. It has been an interesting learning experience! Once we finish this, we will go into the planning phase. In this phase, we will discuss what needs to be done

      and how to get it done. We, of course, do not want to overburden our annual budget so this won't be a one or two year project. We will keep owners updated through the phases.


       We want to take the time to thank all the owners for making this season a success. We had some hiccups, but overall it was a fun season! We will miss those that have left us as owners to pursue other ventures;

       we are excited to get to know the faces that will replace them. We hope all owners enjoy their winter, and we will see you in the spring!


       Thank you,


      WBCC Manager   






   Good Morning WBCC!


    We are definitely catching up on the rain in the campground on this rainy day.


    Just one quick thing. If you are an owner in Cluster 1 that is still around the area, you may experience a power outage sometime in the next couples of weeks. We are mapping the breakers down below. There

     are five beaker boxes to map. The plan is to map one breaker box per day starting with the box on Yellowleaf Trail.   This is the last thing we had on our agenda this season.


    Thank you,


   WBCC Manager 





     Good Morning WBCC!


     We are down to our last 2 staff members. Our international staff member will be done in a short couple of weeks also. This means boneyard hours will become limited and match office hours unless otherwise

      arranged. We understand that some owners are still arranging boat wraps and we will try to accommodate that.


      Reminder: All deliveries will end on October 20th. Owners will have until the 27th to pick up any packages that may be in the office. Otherwise, they will sit in the office until spring when the office reopens.


      We have a new committee member for Cluster 1. His name is Stan. He is replacing Victoria, the member who left the campground committee last summer to pursue new ventures.

       We are still looking for a fourth member to represent Cluster 2.  


       Thank you,


       WBCC Manager 





     Good Afternoon WBCC!


     The blow out is complete! A huge thank you to the volunteers that helped us get through the process. We appreciate your help more than you will ever know! Comfort Stations 1 and 5 have water and are

     heated for owners to be able to shower and use the bathroom. 


      The office will be closing at 1 pm today. Desirae will have the campground cellphone for emergancies, otherwise, the office will reopen at 8:30 am tomorrow and regular hours will resume.



        Thank you,


        WBCC Manager 





         Good Afternoon WBCC!


        Cluster 2 has been blown out!! We did place all the 1011 ASSE valves on all of the spigots also. We will be working on Cluster 1 tomorrow. Comfort Station 1 (Cluster 1) and Comfort Station 5 (Cluster 2) will

        remain open for owners until November 27th. A huge thank you to all of today's volunteers. Without you, this process would take a whole lot longer!!   


     Thank you,


     WBCC Manager 






        Good Morning WBCC!


        SORRY GUYS---NO WATER!!!!


       The sewer line is blown out! The wells have been shut down and all the blow-outs are open. This allows gravity to drain the lines overnight so we are able to see the blow-out valves while we

         use the air compressor. They remain open until tomorrow morning. Spigot Volunteers: Meet Desirae by the office at 10 am tomorrow. She will give instructions there.  


       FAWN LANE ELECTRIC UPDATE:  We know there were a lot of hiccups along the way and seemed like it would never end, but we are happy to report.....IT IS FINISHED!!!! We will be bringing in black

    dirt and grass seed for owners in that area in the spring.


     Thank you,


     WBCC Manager 




     Good Morning WBCC!


     We are stripping and blowing out comfort stations 2 and 3 today. Comfort Station 1 will remain open until November 27th. We will be blowing out Comfort Station 4 (the clubhouse) tomorrow.

     Comfort Station 5 (in the middle of the upper rings) will remain open unitl November 27th. 


     Yde's will be here to winterize the laundry areas tomorrow, so do any laundry today!!!  


      We are asking for volunteers for the blow out to help walk spigots nest week to open them and help place the 1011 ASSE back flow preventer valves. Contact the office if you are interested in helping.



       Thank you,


        WBCC Manager



9/30/2023 (the real one)


    Good Afternoon WBCC!


    Apparently, I really wanted yesterday to be the last day of September.


      Unfortunately, Pratt's decided that yesterday's weather was not conducive to digging and postponed us until Tuesday.


    We had a little mishap this weekend concerning electricity. Management has contacted all the owners affected. But to update all owners on the Fawn Lane upgrade: The electricians found a problem

    originating from a few lots in the north leg on Whitebirch Way. Their best guess is a splice was done at some point (a pedestal was moved or added something to the line or a repair was made)

      in the area that has faultered and caused the neutral to read hot. In non-electrician terms, that is very, very bad! They will be back Monday to identify and fix the issue and to continue switch people over to their new

      breakers. We also had some water issues in both clusters today that caused outages. If ever there was a day that was ruled by Murphey's law, today was it!!!!


     If you didn't notice the change on the Important Dates sheet posted around the campground, this is for you!  Deb has a family emergency that is causing her to depart early than expected. Because of this,

    beginning tomorrow, October 1st, the office will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. The boneyard will still open and close at the usual time until further notice.


     This coming week, Comfort Station #2, #3, and #4 will be deep cleaned, stripped, and blown out on Thursday and Friday. Friday, Yde's will be here to winterize the washers and the laundry areas will be

     locked for the reminder of the season.


     The following week will mark the big blow-out. Tuesday, October 10th, Lee will begin the blow-out by blowing out the sewer line. Then Wednesday, October 11th, and Thursday, October 12th, will be

      spent blowing out the clusters. As always, volunteers were very appreciated to help open and close spigots through-out the clusters.


      Minnesota Department of Health has required us to have a ASSE 1011 back-flow preventor on every threaded connection inside the clusters. This includes the spigots located on every single lot. After shopping around

        (these valves aren't cheap), we have purchase enough to cover all 750 lots in the campground. If these valves are not there when we blow-out in the fall next year, the owner will be charged a $15 replacement fee.  



       Thank you,


      WBCC Manager







   Good Morning WBCC!


       Cluster One Owners:

       Pratt’s will be here today to address the last water main and another smaller issue in the Cluster. You will lose water during that time. Comfort Stations 4 (the Clubhouse) and 5 in Cluster 2

          are open and have water service.Water services will be restored after completion. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would rather address these issues now rather than in the spring.


        Thank You,


        WBCC Manager






Good Morning WBCC!


    What a week we had at the campground! The wells went wonky and we had to fix a few water mains down in the lower cluster. Everything is back to normal as far as wells.


    Precision Electric has been working diligently on the Fawn Lane electric for the past couple of weeks. They may seem to be standing a lot, but I assure you the apprentices are just waiting for the master electrician

     to tell them their instructions. They have been landing the lots to their new breakers. The project will be completed before the snow flies!!


    Office hours will have to change a bit earlier than expected due to a family emergency. Starting, Sunday, October 5th, the office will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. Boneyard availablilty will reduce soon

   also. We will keep you updated regularly on end of season stuff.  


    Thank you,


    WBCC Manager 





Good Evening WBCC!


      We have another problem, Houston! There is another water main leaking over in Cluster 1. We have Pratt's here in the morning to fix it. Owners will lose water during this time. Hopefully, it will be a

     quick fix like the last.


     We understand this is an inconvenience for owners and appreciate your patience with it!


    Thank you,


    WBCC Manager




9/15/2023 (2.0)


Good Afternoon WBCC!


         Cluster 1 water main is fixed and the water is back on!  There are  cones and caution tape around the area in order to allow the ground to dry out as it was very saturated with water. Please

        avoid them. You may also get a faint chlorine smell in your water as we did add chlorine to the fixed pipe to prevent any contamination. All you will need to do is flush the lines for a few minutes

        until the water no longer smells like chlorine.


         We appreciate your patience as we addressed the issue!


    Thank you,


     WBCC Manager 





Good Morning WBCC!


           UH-OH! We had a water main break this morning. Pratt’s Excavation will be here between 11:30 am and 12:00 PM today to fix the break in the line. Cluster 1 will lose water at this time.

           We are not sure how long it will be out, but we hope to have water service restored ASAP!


           Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience as we address this issue!


        Fawn Lane Update: The big switchover (transformer to breaker boxes) is completed! Next week, the same 5 gentlemen you saw yesterday will spend the majority of the week daisy chaining the lots to their new breakers.

        When this happens, the chain they are working will have an outage. They said they would try to minimize the length of time your power is down by preprepping everything, but be prepared for an outage of at least a couple of hours.



       Thank you,


       WBCC Manager 




9/12/2023 (oops, its the 13th)


Good Morning WBCC!


   FAWN LANE UPDATE:   Tomorrow starting at 8:30 am, owners will see Crow Wing Power and Precision Electric wondering around the area. They will be hooking some of, if not all, the breaker boxes

  to the transformers. This is when owners will see power outages throughout the area. These outages will last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours depending on the situation (knowing the luck we've had so far....expect the

   latter). If they cannot complete the switch over tomorrow, it will happen the beginning of next week. From there, owners of the chain the crew is working on will see outages during that time. We will try to keep you

   updated on the areas they are working on as they go.





         After speaking with my maintenance crew, we decided to close Comfort Stations 2, 3, 4 (the Clubhouse) on October 5th in order to blow them out before we blow out the system.


        Laundry Service will end on October 6th. Yde's will be here that day to winterize the washers.





       An extra camping unit (pop-ups, ice houses, pull behinds, Fifth wheels) on your lot does costs $15/night. This is a rule that is here to stay because of the positive impact it has had on the cost of electricity within

      the campground. We have had to send a number of letters to owners who have tried to skirt around paying this fee over the season. If you choose to ignore payment, it will be added to your dues for next season.  


      It was brought to our attention that some owners continued to use the Breezy Point Center docks after our docks were placed earlier this season. This may result in your boat being towed, especially if you leave it




   AND FINALLY.......


         I have a meeting with the apparel company this afternoon, so the office will be closed from 1:30 pm until I return. It is my hope that I will be back before 4:30 but I can't promise it. I will have the cellphone on me.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Good Afternoon WBCC!



    As you start to clean out your campers, you may find that you have left over canned goods or other non-perishable food. We are holding an end-of-season food drive for the next several weeks. All items will

      donated to a local food shelf. You will find a tub sitting on the shelves near the office that you can deposit your donations. Its a great way to clean out your cupboards and help the local community here in

      the Breezy Point/Pequot Lakes area.  Last year, we donated around 150 lbs. of food!


    *Please make sure all items are unopened! 


     Thank you,


     WBCC Manager 




Good Morning WBCC



     As many of you know already, there was an incident at the Whitebirch Estates last night. All we know about the incident is that 3 men have tragically lost their lives. We are not here to speculate on the

      circumstances surrounding the incident. We just wanted to clarify that this incident did not occur here at the campground because the media reports have made it seem that it happened here.

      Our thoughts are with the families as it is always heartbreaking when you lose someone you love no matter the circumstance.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Good Morning WBCC!







    With high temps and low humidity, MN DNR has placed burn restrictions on many counties throughout the state. We will monitor the DNR website and keep owners updated on the this status. Please excerise

   responsible fire precautions when enjoying the holiday weekend. We all would like a campground to come back to next spring (wink, wink)! We have posted several notices throughout the campground relaying

   this information also.



   Thank you,


  WBCC Manager 









Good Morning WBCC!


      It is that time of year again!


       If you have a leaky spigot, please contact the office. We are compiling a list for blow-out as that is the best time for us to replace them. If you don't call us, we won't know!


       The office number is 218-562-5474


      Thank you,


      WBCC Manager 





 Good Morning WBCC!


 LABOR DAY POTLUCK! Saturday, Sept. 2nd from 4 PM to 6 PM.


   We are still looking for more dishes! We will be supplying pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans. We have few on the sign-up but we have plenty of room on it! Make sure to bring your own

beverage (unless we have someone do punch)!





  We have posted the important dates around the campground so that owners can plan their fall schedule!


    Here they are:


     Sept. 5th   Cluster 1 pool shut down

     Sept. 11th  Cluster 2 pool shut down  (This is weather permitting)

     Oct. 9th    CS #2,  CS #3, CS #4 will close

     Oct. 10th  Annual blow-out will begin 

     Oct. 15th  Storage/Office hours will change  (It will be Tuesday-Saturday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. If an owner needs access to the boneyard outside of those hours, they will need to make arrangements.)

     Oct. 27th  Office Closes for the season

     Nov. 27th  CS #1 and CS #5 close and Electricity is off for the season


     We haven't spoke with Yde's yet to confirm when laundry services will end. We will keep you updated when we are able to speak with them!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager





The community yard sale is set for 9 am to 2 pm tomorrow. Everyone is welcome to set up a table in the outlot. We are asking those that have items in the overflow parking to please find alternative parking from the

hours of 8 am to 3 pm tomorrow so that we have more room for those that have tables. We have very few tables to borrow owners and they will be first come, first serve. If we ran out of room, we will utilize the field!!!



See all of you tomorrow!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager 


8/16/2023 part 2


WBCC Owners:




Management has FINALLY been able to look at storage for the year. We have found that there are 19 storage lots that are still unpaid. We looked through receipts and

CC charges for the season to double check. We will be reassigning any empty spots on 8/23/2023 if no one comes forward to pay for the lot. If the spot has items in it,

we will begin the lien process as per the contract.


The following lots are the ones that have items in them and they are not paid for:

   31       47       48       62       68       78       104                 C          I           P


These are the lots that are empty and will be leased out to others:

   25       33       65       70       74       87       108                 E          H


If you see your storage lot number on this page, please contact the office immediately to arrange payment. If the office doesn’t hear from you expect a letter if there are

items in the spot. If there are no items, we will rent the spot out!

Thank you,


WBCC Manager







Some of you may have noticed some signs about a lost cat that is gray or black and white. The office was contacted this morning by an owner in the Fawn lane area that has spotted this cat. The problem we having is there

is no contact information for the owners who seem to care and miss this wonderful cat very much. If you are that owner, can you please contact the office so you can be contacted when the cat is spotted again!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


At around 12:30 pm, the office recieved a report of a mama bear and her cub hanging around Plumwood Trail and Whispering Drive down in Cluster 1. It is the time of year where the bear population will be out

looking for food to fatten themselves up for the long winter hibernation. Mama bears will defend their cubs, so give them a wide berth when you encounter them. Do not give them any reason to think you are a threat as

they will react without prejudice. And remember, the average black bear can sprint up 35 MPH.....



The entrance gate for Cluster 2 is fixed!! A wire was pulled out from its spot which caused the reader to stop communicating with the pedestal. This is why some of you noticed that you would swipe your card only to have it

not raise the gate. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter!!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager







Good Afternoon WBCC!



Well campers, we almost made it the season without any major gate issues. Unfortunately, that streak has officially ended. The Cluster 2 entrance gate is not working at the moment. It seems the card reader has stopped

communicating with the gate arm as of 6:59 AM. Dan (our gate guy) thinks it might be the circut board in the pedestal. We will know more when he comes on Monday to troubleshoot the gate and repair the issue.


 Office hours on Sunday 8/13/2023 will start at 10 AM as Deb had a prior engagement to attend and won't be back in the area until then.


Do you have unwanted treasures or do you have a crafting hobby and want to make a little dough? Then we have the event for you! The Whitebirch RV & Camping Clusters will be holding their annual community yard/craft

sale on Saturday, August 19th. Everyone who has items or projects they want to sell are welcome to set up in the Cluster 2 overflow lot from 9am to 2 pm. We are working on signs to place on County Road 11 and Dove St. so

people around the area can come browse.


 Management is debating about how to do the Labor Day picnic. We are thinking a big potluck lunch and an ice cream social may be a great way to end the summer this year. We would love to hear your thoughts on this idea.

Call or swing by the office to give your opinion or sign-up to bring a dish!



Have a great day!

Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon Ghouls and Goblins!



It had been so fun to watch all of you looking for the medallion from the office. It is 4:14 pm, and as far as the office knows, the medallion is still out there.


Deb had a prior engagement, so the office will be closed tomorrow, Sunday, 8/6/2023. Please call the campground cell phone if there is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed. Normal hours will resume on Munday,



There will be a caldron of candy by the office. Make sure to stop by with your litttle trick or treaters!!!


Have a wonderful weekend!


WBCC Manager



Hello WBCC!






If you happen to get injured near a comfort station and use the comfort station to clean up, please let the office know that your blood is in the comfort station. Our cleaning staff and myself are trained in dealing with

biohazardous spills so that you as owners do not get exposed to blood born pathegons (We are not insinuated that anyone in the campground has a blood born pathegon, but it's better to be safe). But we cannot

properly address an issue we have no knowledge of, so please leave call the office after you deal with the injury. We are unsure of what occurred in the men's side of the Clubhouse/Cluster Pool bathroom, but we are

 hoping the individual is okay and please know that the area was properly sanitized and is safe for use.


P.S. To the cart full of juvenile girls that came out of the lower part of Cluster 2 (Buck Ave) at around 1:30 PM:  If your golf cart wheels sound like they have a horrible stutter when you turn the corner, you took the

corner WAY TOO FAST.




Thank you,


WBCC Manager



Just a quick announcement!



As many of you know, there has been a black utility trailer parked in the Cluster 1 overflow parking area near the tennis court for several years. Two weeks ago, management placed a parking warning stating the trailer would be

towed on 7/28/2023. We would prefer that the owner move it rather than towing it. In a last ditch effort, we asking all owners to help in identifying the owner of this utility trailer. If you know who it belongs to, please contact them

 or the office immediately. If the trailer is still unclaimed after a seven (7) day period (8/4/2023), we will be forced to have it towed by an outside agency.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon Ghouls and Goblins!


 An ominious fog, ghosts, zombies, and CANDY will invade the Campground starting August 4th. Our annual Halloween Weekend has arrived! Marissa and Anders have a great line up of events for the campground.

There will be a lot decorating contest, a medallion hunt, and a costume contest. On Saturday, August 5th, our little ghouls and goblins will be walking about the campground collecting treats or pulling tricks from 5pm to



Watch this website, social media, and around the campground for the Medallion Hunt clues! It won't be as easy as last year!


Stay Cool Owners!


Have a great day,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!


I will start today's post with an old adage:



  "When the cat's away, the mice will play!"


I think this is a befitting statement for the shenanigans that took place near the office on the hazy but beautiful Sunday afternoon that ripped me from my day at the beach with my son. I could give you, as owners, the long,

well thought out speech about golf carts and safety I had swirling about my brain. I could even threaten to ban golf carts within the cluster altogether, but my job description does not include parenting you as parents/grandparents.

This is all I am going to say on the issue: Golf carts are not some power wheels toy you give a two-year-old to drive around the yard to entertain themselves while you, the adult, sit on your deck drinking a beer. Golf carts, especially the

jacked-up ones, are a vehicle that can hurt or even KILL someone. The child that broke their collar bone this weekend is lucky it was just a collar bone. It could have easily been their neck or back. Whitebirch Camping & RV will not

bare any legal repercussions for golf cart accidents as we have safety measures in place like speed limits, a minimum age requirement, and DNR ATV safety certification requirement for children under the age 15 that will absolve of us from

any liability. The legal repercussions will fall solely on the owner of the golf cart for allowing the cart to be operated in an unsafe manner such as speeding, attempting to drift around corners, jumping speed bumps, and too many people on

the cart. This is all behavior that has been reported to the office by the security guards and concerned owners in just the last 2 weeks. So, while you may think your blessed little angel of a child/grandchild acts in a respectful and responsible

manner while cruising around the campground, I assure you, your little mice do tend to play when you're away! And remember, their play could end up costing you a lot more than you bargained for....




On a happy note, we are seeing some more movement on the Fawn Lane project finally. If all goes well, it is the intention of the electric company to have it wrapped up in two weeks. We will keep owners updated!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager



Good Afternoon WBCC!


The Whitebirch Annual Poker Run will be going on this Saturday starting at 6 pm in the pavilion. This event is organized by Mike & Dawnya Mohs and will include 8 stops in total for owners to play games to

earn a playing card. The goal is to make a five card poker hand. The top three hands will earn a prize. This is a great way to meet your neighbors and have a fun night. Children are welcome!

*Mike and Dawnya will also have a second chance to earn a playing card if you bring one non-perishable food donation for the local food shelf with you when you visit their lot!



Our second Fireside chat will also happen this Saturday up on the clubhouse deck (by Cluster 2 pool). We will have Jon B. from cluster 1 and Monty B. from cluster 2 available for owners to meet from 9am to 10am.



The Moose Trail playset finished except for one piece that we had to have sent to us. It will not affect the safety of the structure, but the monkey rings are not a complete set at the moment.

It is safe for smaller children (older children can utilize the bigger equipment located by the Clubhouse and CS #2) to play on as of right now. There is a chalkboard, so we have placed a plastic

container with an eraser and chalk in it. The container will prevent the chalk from washing away in the rain.



Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


The weather radio in the office has issued a severe weather watch for Crow Wing and Cass county for 7/19/2023 until 10 pm. This means that weather conditions favor the development of severe storms

that may include lightening strikes, strong winds, and hail. In the event that severe weather hits the campground, please follow the severe weather plan posted on every comfort station. This plan asks owners to head

to the convention center at Breezy Point Resort for shelter. IF AND ONLY IF YOU CANNOT MAKE TO BREEZY POINT RESORT, Comfort stations 1 (cluster 1 pool ) and 5 (cluster 2 on Bear Claw Path)

are brick buildings and will be safer than any other structures in the campground. If there is lightening, the pools will close for the remainder of the evening for the safety of everyone.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager







Good Afternoon WBCC!!



We have a new Administrative assistant in the office. Her name is Debbie. Our office hours will run 8:30 am to 4:30 pm seven days a week. Stop in and say hi!



If your cards are not working as of 11 am this morning, it is because you have not paid your maintenance fees for the 2023 season. An immediate payment or a payment plan is required for the cards to be reactiviated. You may come

to the campground office or go to the corporate offices to do either. If you make a payment plan and break the agreement, your cards will be deactived until full payment is recieved. IF YOU SEE AN OWNER WAITING AT THE GATE,
DO NOT LET THEM IN NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY BEG! The point of the lockout is for the owner to contact the office to make arrangements! If you have paid, please come to the office with proof of payment.



If you are a new owner in the past 2 seasons and have not come to the office for your new owner orientation packet, please do so immediately. We need to get your cards and other information switched into your name

so when we audit cards, we don't shut off your cards as new owners. We watch and compare the county property website information to the information we have on file and if we see a recent sale, we will shut cards down that are in the

former owners name. This keeps it so only current owners have access to the campground. 



Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!


We had some people decide that jumping the pool fence in cluster 2 was okay. While we have located most of the offenders and gave them their consequence for jumping the pool fence, we are having trouble identifying the 4 young men

from Cluster 1 that were with them. They are all white males between the ages 18-25, between 5'8" to 6'1", between 160 to 210 lbs. Two were blonde and two were dark haired. One wore a grey baseball cap backwards, khaki shorts,

light blue longsleeve. One wore a straw woven cowboy hat, black longsleeve Nike hoodie, and dark gray or blue printed shorts. One wore a light pink or white t-shirt and black shorts. And the last one was wearing a black hoodie with graphics and shorts.

They drove a newer white honda with a hatchback style back window. If you know who these gentlemen are, please let management know!



I have had a few people come to the office with some concerns that the vandalism occuring down in Cluster 1 may be racially motivated. While I do not take stock in rumors, I want each and every owner in the campground to

understand one thing about myself right now. I have not, do not, and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind at any point. If this is true, I will  make it my mission to prosecute the offending party to fullest extent of the law

under the Federal and Minnesota discrimination statutes. It is one thing to have a difference of opinion on subjects like ethnicities, creeds, or sexual orientations, but to actively stomp on the rights of your fellow human beings

is a notion I do not tolerate. My housekeepers are amazing, hard working people who would be welcome at my dinner table any day of the week. They deserve respect for the job they are willing to take on for the campground,

 because I have news for you, there are some owners in the campground that have some very nasty bathroom habits. I would know because I spent the first half of last year cleaning the toilets for the campground.




And to those complaining about the locked comfort station. While we understand how owners may feel it is unfair for management punish all for the actions of the few, it is also unfair for the same owners to have to pay for the vandalism

 through increased wage costs and damage costs. Management must make it known that the behavior won't be tolerated and that we will shut comfort stations down to ensure that those costs do not become burdensome to all.



Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Hello Campground Owners.....


Unfortunately, management has made the heartbreaking decision to shut down Comfort Station #1 until further notice. It appears our vandals thought we made an empty threat about locking down comfort stations.

Comfort Station 2 and 3 will remain open as long as they remain vandalism free. When we are able to do a deep clean (the feces on the walls and floor make it hard to keep the bathroom open for the time being), we

MIGHT open Comfort Station #1 back up for owners. And of course, if you know who the offending party is, please reach out to the office as we would prefer to allow the offending party the pleasure of cleaning their

own fecal matter off the walls.


We would like owners to know that while you may be able to find our posts on the facebook pages, Whitebirch INC. has absolutely nothing to do with the content, comments, or how the pages operate. In fact, the only time management sees

anything on these pages is if another owner brings it to our attention in the office. These pages are ran by owners inside the campground and they are the responsible parties for the pages. If you are have issues with these sites, message

the page's administrator.




 In the campground by-laws, there is a clause that states owners are not allowed to park on the side of the street or community outlots. On Sunday, during the unsanctioned, very illegal fireworks display, we had an entire road blocked

by spectators. The problem with blocking the roads is, in the event there is a medical emergency within the area, there are precious seconds wasted when EMTs or Police Officers need to wait for vehicles and golf carts to move. And in

medical emergencies like a heart attack or a stoke, EVERY SECOND COUNTS!



Have a fantastic day!

Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Happy 4th of July WBCC!!!


This weekend was fairly uneventful considering the past. There were a couple of incidents though!


1. Fireworks! We know it may seem we are just trying to spoil the holiday fun, but the no firework rule is there for safety. One spark in this campground could mean that 750 campsites would be up in flames.

  That is something that we would hate to see happen!



2. We have a report of a pellet gun being used inside the campground. Its use resulted in a shot out vehicle window and possible damage to a camper. We will remind owners that there is ABSOLUTELY NO
    GUNS OF ANY TYPE ALLOWED TO BE FIRED IN THE CAMPGROUND. This means all bb guns, pellet guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, crossbows, hand guns, or rifles. If you hear gun sounds, the only

   call should be to Breezy Point Police. 



3. To the owners that took it upon themselves to try and bury the speedbumps on Plumwood Trial because they don't like them. If you don't like them, then you are probably one of the people that caused them to

     be placed there in the first place and they will continue to be placed throughout the cluster until it gets through that YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN WHEN TRAVELING THROUGH THE CLUSTER!



4. The pool table balls have been found! They were in the table stuck behind a rubber ball of the same size that was stuck in the table. Crisis averted!!!



5. We were very disappointed to see glass bottle tops scattered throughout the pool area. Don't be the reason why the pool gets shut down!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


A few things before the holiday weekend.....


1. Boat Docks:  Slips are first come, first serve period. This means if you leave your slip, it is a free slip for someone to use. There are no "save my spot" by leaving ropes on the cleats. There are 120 boats stickers

out there and only 30 slips....


2. We are seeing people just grabbing boneyard spots. These spots are assigned to people that pay for them. If you have something in a spot that is not assigned to you, it will be moved to an overflow lot for the tow truck.

 I have (the single person that I am) is trying very hard to deal with everything regarding storage as quickly as possible. We still have plenty of owners that have not paid for storage (like lot dues) and it takes me 90 days to kick them out (hence

why I am trying to rewrite the storage contract).... 


3. We are watching for extra will be billed for an extra camper if you have not registered it with office!


4. Free Picnic for the 4th celebration will start at 4 pm. If you would like to help serve or grill (we have a few helpers already), we would like you to be there by 3 pm for set-up!


5. Cornhole sign-up will be at the picnic. If you are interested, come see us! The tournament ill be held from 7 pm to 11 pm while Caleb Erickson is playing in the pavillion!


6. On Sunday, 7/2, there will be some acoustic guitar players and a open karoke night. Free to all! Just bring your voice, your ears, and maybe some of your own liquid courage!


And most importantly: HAVE A FUN AND SAFE (and vandalism-free) WEEKEND!!!!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC....

Quite frankly, this is absolutely appalling that management must make a post like this!!!



Our cleaning crew has informed us that there are some issues going on in the comfort stations in Cluster 1. They have noticed that owners who are using the toilets are not flushing the toilets. In Comfort Station 3, they are finding

 rocks in the toilets that were thrown in before someone is using the toilet for a number two. This is the same comfort station we had to replace soap dispensers in after someone tried to rip them off the wall. If the behavior in the comfort

stations continue, management will be forced to close them down. Remember, while we enjoy offering amenities like the pools and comfort stations to owners, they are not required for us to offer. Port-o-potties are much cheaper for the

budget and you won't have to flush them.....


So, three things.....


1. Flush the toilet when you are done....ya lazy bones!!!


2. If you have a plugged toilet, there are plungers in every restroom. If the toilet remains plugged after plunging, please call the office and let us know.


3. STOP VANDALIZING THE COMFORT STAIONS OR LOSE 'EM!!! Again, the few are ruining it for the many.....


Also, the restroom closed for cleaning signs are put out for a reason. Especially for the men's restrooms as the staff are female. It is very rude to walk into a restroom THAT IS CLOSED FOR CLEANING and tell the staff that "if you

don't want to hear me, you better leave". If the restroom is closed for cleaning, please utilize one of the other 4 comfort stations available to owners for the time being.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager








Good Morning WBCC!



After speaking with the electricians this morning, we are going to see a further delay with the Fawn Lane udgrade due to weather. We are trying to reschedule for tomorrow, but might have to wait until after the holiday weekend so we

do not have owners tripping over the power company workers and electricians during the holiday. We want you to know that we are as frustrated with the progression of this project as you are. This project has been plagued by major

delays like losing the original electrician, broken mule tapes, and having the wrong neutrals since the moment the boring company broke ground. We are trying with every fiber of our being to get this project complete as quickly as possible.

We are literally at the mercy of these companies at the moment.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager







Good Afternoon WBCC!




While taking care of the pools this morning, we noticed some glass bottles in the pool garbages in the Cluster 2 pool area. While we know owners are careful, accidents happen! One shard of glass in the pool area...just one tiny piece of

glass in the pool, will force us to drain the pools to make sure they are glass free. The pools would be down for at a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks. With a very short outdoor pool season in Minnesota, that would be detrimental to the pool




There around 62 owners that have not paid the annual maintenance fees!!!


If an owner has not paid their dues or at least made payment arrangements with the corporate office by 6/30/2023, their cards will be shut off that day. You may pay them in the campground office when it is open or contact

Kersten at (218) 562-7574 to make a payment/payment arrangement. Kersten is only temporarily taking care of payments. She is not a normal point of contact, please use Desirae for any other questions!



Thank you,


WBCC Managerment







Good Afternoon WBCC!



Fawn Lane Electricity Update: All the new neutrals that the state inspector had us change have been landed into the proper breaker boxes. On Tuesday 6/27 or Wednesday 6/28, Crow Wing Power and Precision

Electric will be here to land the breakers to the transformers. Each transformer will take 1 to 2 hours to land. Everyone in the lower part of cluster 2 will lose power on this day INCLUDING the office. We will still

be here, but you will need to call the cellphone that day and we will be out and about in the campground (because there will be no air in the office and it gets stuffy)! We don't anticipate that anyone in the upper part

of cluster 2 will be affected.

We have placed flyers up around the campground with the parade route, list of events, and the details about the Cornhole Tournament. We still need volunteers to help with serving and BBQing on Saturday. If you are

willing to help out, please let the office know.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager



Good Afternoon WBCC!



We will be having our annual Fourth of July Celebration on Saturday, July 1st. We will hold the golf cart parade at 10 am. The annual free picnic will begin at 4 pm. We are looking for volunteers willing to grill

and serve for that day. If you are interested, please let the office know. We are also trying to arrange some music and a cornhole tournament during the evening hours. More details and flyers to come!



We are trying to nail down a list of owners that are willing to host a stop for our annual Poker Run. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors. If you are interested in being a host, please let the office know so we can

relay that information to the owner who is organizing the Poker Run.



The same owners who hosted the annual Halloween celebration last year is going to host it again this year. They haven't given a date yet, but it will be either the first or second week of August! Sounds they have the medallion

 hunt and the Halloween costume contest like last year.



We have a few owners in the campground that would like to have some potlucks over the season. If that is something that owners would be willing to participate in, let the office know and we will work with the owners that

suggested it in order to nail down dates and times.



Management went to check on the docks today and we had 2 boats parked with blue stickers. Like we have said before, if you don't want to buy a sticker, we will not force you to....but don't be surprised if we tow

your boat at your expense. You have been warned! (We have sticker numbers and the owner/boat they are associated with).



Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!



Our first Fireside chat will be on Saturday 6/17/2023 at 9 am to 10 am in the Clubhouse (Cluster 2 pool). This is the time where owners can come meet two of their committee members and ask questions

or voice their concerns. We will have Sue from Cluster 2 and Jean from Cluster 1.



Speaking of Saturday... Office hours will be shorten on Saturday because I have a baby shower (proud future auntie here) to attend with Vicki. I will be in the campground until 11 am.

 I will extend the hours on Thursday and Friday to try and make up for Saturday! I will be in the office until 5:30 pm both days. I know this is an inconvenience for owners and apologize

but if you are interested in our administrative assistant opening, please apply at



Fawn Lane Electrical update: We spoke with Precision Electric and the electrical inspector sneaked into the campground when we weren't looking and tagged us on a couple things. Between waiting on items

and the power company tech being booked out, we have seen the project come to a stand still. But after speaking with Precision Electric, we should start seeing some more movement in the next week. They will

let me know when the outages will occur so I can let owners know when to expect them.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






 Morning WBCC!


We normally greet you with Good Morning or Good Afternoon, but this morning was not a good morning. We had to make a police report because of criminal damage done to the Cluster 1 pool. The state

required stickers were peeled off and placed in the skimmers. The gate latch was broke and the back side of the fence was damaged further. We know these seem like petty items and it is with a heavy heart

that we say the next things because once again the actions of a few will affect the whole. The pools are an amenity and are not a requirement for us to provide. If this type of behavior continues, we will be

forced to drain the pools and cover them for the season, because not having the proper state required signage displayed or the proper gate locks will allow the state to revoke our pool operation liscensing

(and they are scheduled to do our inspection soon). These items do cost money and once again it is a cost that gets spread among all owners even though the majority of you are great about making sure the

campground stays nice for all.


If anyone has any information about the events that occurred in the late night  hours at the Cluster 1 pool, please contact Jay Lorch with Breezy Point Police or the office.


We are working on the letter list for mowing and other violations at the moment. We noticed that after going through the clusters and making our list, many of the properties were mowed or taken care of by other

community members. We still send a letter about lawn maintanence but will let the owner know they owe a debt of gratitude to their fellow campground owners for taking time out of their lives to help

out a neighbor. To those that sacrificed their time and labor, the office and other fellow campground owners want to give a big thanks for that because you have helped make the campground a better place all around!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


* The quarter machine is up and running now. It takes $1, $5, and $10 only. It is located inside the clubhouse and will be available from 10am-10pm.


* The Fireside chat for this Saturday will be postponed until 6/17/2023. I got so busy this week, I forget to arrange everything and I don't want to spring it on the committee members at the last minute.

    This is 100% my fault and I apologize profusely for my poor time management this week.


Have a great weekend!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


* Boat Stickers: We hear that there are many complaints about having to buy a new boat sticker on a bi-annual basis (the odd years). While we recognize your frustration with this newer policy, it will continue

     because it is the only way to make sure that only current owners are using the BRAND NEW docks that are provided to owners as an amenity. The property turnover rate over the past two seasons

     has skyrocketed meaning the amount of former owners that have a blue sticker is also skyrocketing! We have sent off the proof for the new signage that will face the water from the outside corners of the docks to

     let others know that your docks are private. If you truly do not want to purchase a dock sticker, you do not have to....BUT don't expect to use the WBCC docks. Please know, that as your campground manager, I

    am doing my best to make sure your questions, concerns, and ideas (especially about the docks) are being relayed to corporate and that I advocate for you as owners to insure that your time spent here is pleasurable. 


* Spent the day roving around Cluster 2 and assessing lots for lawn maintainance and junk/debris. We have noticed a lot of very long grass and weeds popping up through landscaping rock among other concerns. Letters

     will be going out within the week and owners will be given 20 days to address the issues. We will be roving around Cluster 1 tomorrow.


* Due to an prior appointment that took months to get (and the lack of an adminstrative assisstant), the office hours tomorrow will be cut short. I will be in the office from 8:30 am to 12 pm.

      We will extend hours on Friday and Saturday to 5:30 pm to make sure owners have access to the office.


* We have put up hiring notices around the park. We are looking for 2 PT guards (weekends are a must), 1 PT administrative assisstant, 1 PT groundskeeper (for mulching and weeding).



Thank you,


WBCC Manager



Good Afternoon WBCC!


With the appearance of June bugs, we must be heading into the official summer months. Just a couple reminders:


*All owners are responsible for their lot's lawn maintainence whether they are using it or not. We are seeing a lot of tall grass around the clusters. If you are not able to come to the campground, we suggest you hire a yard maintainence

company. There are two owners that own landscaping businesses that do a ton of yardwork in the campground already. They do excellent work!

Benage Hardscapes (Jason Benage): (218) 513-4417 or reach out through Facebook

Preferred Lawn & Tree (Jamie Ogg): (320) 250-9806 or (320) 333-2888  Jamie is also liscensed and bonded for tree removal.

We will be going through the clusters next week to assess lots. Letters will follow shortly. If we have to mow your lots after sending a letter, fees will START at $50 as lawn maintainence is something we are not obligated

to do for owners. If maintainence has to get off their mowers at any point, the fee will go up. We don't weed whip or deal with trees or weeds.


*If you are looking to set up service through Charter Communications, this is the information they want for a service address:

     You will speak with the residential service department.

    Cluster 1: Give them the address: 30615 Ranchette Drive, Breezy Point, MN 56472.  You will then give them your block (they call it a building number) number and your lot number.

     Cluster 2: Give them the address: 7070 Dove Street, Breezy Point, MN 56472. You will then give them your block number and your lot number.

If you do this, you will not be told the manager needs to approve service. Make sure you don't list the campground address as a billing address, otherwise you won't get a bill....


*We have some ideas for activites over the summer, but still very few volunteers to help with or run activites. We would love to bring back the activities the Covid-19 era took from us but we can't do it by



*Still lots of storage lots not paid for yet. If they remain unpaid by the time the office reopens Tuesday, late fees will be applied and reassessment of open lots will

begin (We have the waiting list and we will call people when we are ready to assign spots).You may contact Allison (Jeff's admin) at (218) 562-7577 on Monday to pay it with her also.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Hello WBCC!


This last weekend was projected to be the busy Memorial Day weekend since 2017 and it did not disappoint! A few things that were brought to our attention this wonderful Tuesday:


  *ALL PETS MUST BE LEASHED AT ALL TIMES! We have had several reports of dogs running out of lots and up to people. Remember, even the best trained dogs can act unpredictably. We have specific

   lots that were given to us but we would like to give all owners a broad warning about the issue raised before calling out specific owners.


* There were several calls about young children (under the age of 5) being allowed to play in the roadways this weekend. Yes, the speed limit is 5 MPH in the clusters, and yes, ALL OWNERS AND THEIR GUESTS


  should be yelling at motorists driving by their young children/grandchildren WHILE THEY ARE PLAYING IN THE STREET. If you do not allow your two year old child to play in the road at home, one would think they

  shouldn't be playing in the roadway here. There are plenty of parks and outlots throughout the campground that provide safe places for children to play in!


*Whoever thought it was funny to leave the all the showers on in the Clubhouse Women's bathroom, if it happens again, you will be fined the on-call wages to have maintainance to fix the filter on their day off.


*Whoever traded out our basketball for a blue/white/yellow SDSU basketball, please return it back to the office. Thank you in advance!


Otherwise, we think the first big weekend was a success!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


The morning meeting went very well this morning! Thank you for all the positive feedback that I have received as your campground manager. I appreciate it.



     *The dock situation: Our BRAND NEW DOCKS are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. They should be in by next weekend. You are welcome to use Breezy Center "first come, first serve" docks until ours



    * If you are a person that is willing to volunteer for campground events like the 4th of July picnic, Labor Day picnic, Halloween weekend, a weed pull weekend, and other activities, please let the office know, so we can get a list going for all.

         *The couple that is organizing this year's Poker Run would like a list of owners that are willing to be stops for it. They plan on hosting it either July 22nd or July 29th this year. They will let the office know when

               they nail down the date. 

         * We have another couple that want to organize a weed pull to the beds scattered around the common areas in both clusters (we are laying down new mulch this year). If you are willing to spend some time

                pulling weeds, please let the office know.


    *Golf Cart rules: 11 and under are not allowed to drive golf carts in the campground. 12–14-year-olds can drive golf carts in the campground IF they have completed the MN DNR ATV safety certification course and have their OFFICE ISSUED LANYARD with the certification attached. Any child caught without a lanyard will be asked to park the golf cart immediately. We will place a No Trespassing order on any child the continually breaking this rule. The parents of the child will also receive a No Trespassing order, if they continue to allow their child to break this rule. Golf carts are just as dangerous as any other offroad vehicles.


           * Speaking of ATV's.....   if the office keeps getting reports of ATVS speeding around down in cluster one, we will have a serious discussion with the campground committee about the future of allowing ATVs in the clusters.  There have been 21 ATV deaths in the state of Minnesota this year already (ATV trail season started May 1st--that is almost a death a day). We do not want to add to that number as a campground!


    * Fawn Lane electric upgrade should be completed in the next couple weeks. Owners will have power outages during this time. It will be during the slow times of the weekdays. We will inform owners as needed and we have some space in the freezers and fridge if needed. 


    * We will be mapping out Cluster 1's electricity this year. I will bring the map with me this fall to have a planning discussion with Jeff about how to approach upgrading the electricity to handle 50-amp service loads. We will

keep owners updated about this. When we map out the Cluster, owners will see power outages for short periods of time. We can give a general idea on the area that will lose power at that time but not specific lots (hence the mapping project in the first place).


If you haven't paid the utility fee for an extra camper on a lot, we will send letters out after this week! Any unpaid utility fees associated with a lot will be added to annual dues next year!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


The holiday weekend is in full swing already and it is getting busy in the campground. A couple of things that were noticed today:


    There is 5 MPH speed limit in the clusters. This applies to everyone and begins from the moment you enter either cluster. We are seeing people speed by the office when they first open the gate and when they

     are leaving. Just so everyone is aware, we can and will report you to Breezy Point Police for reckless driving if extreme speeding continues.


     To the owner who threw their fish guts on the golf cart path: We will not tolerate that behavior. We already have a bear hanging around at the moment and fish guts will not help the situation. We will find out who

     you are and the could be reprecussions for behavior like this because it is placing other people in the campground in danger.


     Make sure you have control of your pets while in the clusters. They are to be leashed at all times. We had an incident yesterday with one of owners. They have a split lip from a dog who jumped up on them as

     they were out for a walk. They are not angry with the dog or their owner, but it is very important that we all keep our pets under control.  


    The cluster one gate is fixed and working!!!!


    See you tomorrow for our annual meeting (there will be muffins, fruit, and coffee--if I can figure out the big coffee urns).


Thank you,

WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon!


There was another bear sighting today in Cluster 2! Be careful and keep your distance. A black bear can sprint up to 35 MPH, so there is no running away. Take birdfeeders down for awhile to discourage the bear from

sticking around.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC! is a chilly one this afternoon. But don't worry, we will be back in the 80's this weekend!


A few things:


       * Lee has arrived! He working very hard to get the mowing done and the rest of spring clean up done before this weekend. Make sure to thank him when you see him!


     * The guard shack electric has been fixed! The in gate is still up because the card reader is not communicating with the gate. We are very sure that this is happening because we missed something

         that is supposed to be plugged in. We have our gate person coming to investigate though.


       * We have replaced a lot of the activity items throughout the Campground. Owners and their guests will find volleyballs, basketballs, and footballs up by the clubhouse to enjoy. There is a new volleyball net.

         They will find frisbee golf discs by the office. In the tennis court, they will find a new pickleball net to replace the old green net, new pickleballs (and the new paddles from last year), four new tennis rackets

         and tennis balls, a basketball, and a football. If owners or guests notice any of the inflated balls need air, we have a ball inflator in the office. We are allowing free access to these items right now, but if it is

         noticed that they are being abused or stolen, we will default to a checkout out system for these items.


      * Small reminder that there will be a meeting on Saturday, May 27th at 10:30 am for all owners to attend if they wish. During this meeting, we would like to hear your ideas for activities for the summer that

          I challenged all owners to brainstorm through the off season. Make sure all ideas have a plan of execution with them (what day(s), volunteers to run them, and what is needed from the office). Ideas may include

          things like a monthly bingo night, crafts for adults or crafts for children, or storytime for children. Our activities budget is limited, but we have wiggle room for things! We are working on mounting a monthly activities

          calendar by the office.


    * We are looking to compile a list of first responders that live throughout both clusters. In the event of a medical emergency, quick access to a person that knows life saving measures like CPR can improve survivial odds significantly.

       If you are a first responder, please let the office know. We would like to meet with you to run a plan by you on how to let owners know who are the first responders in each cluster and who is available on any given day.  As always, it

        is very important to always call 911 in the event of any medical emergency.


   Thank you,


    WBCC Manager   




Quick Clarifications:


Right-of-way means the roads. Owners are not supposed to use the side of the road as a means of parking. You may stop on the side for a few minutes or unload things from a vehicle, but parking on the

side of the road consistantly is not acceptable. There are overflow lots if you need them.


What can go into the rolloffs: lawn furniture, construction materials, unwanted house items like tables, chairs, bookshelves, etc. (Household garbage is consider food scraps and empty containers), metal is allowed

but we have an owner who hauls it in for scrap value and donates the money to an non-profit organization.

     Matteresses and Carpet are considered biohazards and cost a lot to get rid of and the same logic applies to hazardous materials like gas, oil, and paints.


We hope this answers any questions, otherwise please call the office if you have a question!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


Cluster 2 exit gate has been fixed and didn't take 6 months! Yippeeee!! Cluster 1 gates are not broke, the problem is in the guard shack.


The rolloff will arrive this afternoon. Remember, follow the rules or we have it picked up to never return.

        * No Matteresses or Carpet rolls

        * No Household garbage (Use the regular dumpsters)

        * No Hazerdous materials (paints, oil, gas, or any other chemicals)

        * No Tires

        * No Appliances

        * No Electronics

        * No Burnt materials

       * No Brush or Leaves 


There will also be a small trailer next to the rolloff for METAL only. Please utilize it for all metal items so the rolloff doesn't fill as fast.


Chlorination process is complete! MN Dept. of Health will come out when it is convienent for them to test the well.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Morning WBCC!


As many of you already know, there has been a bear sighting in Cluster 2 already this year. She is a mama bear with 2 cubs. We are asking owners to avoid hanging out birdfeeders for the time being. Bird seeds

and hummingbird nectar are appealing to bears and will encourage them to stick around because there is a food source. We know that cubs are cute but stay away from them. Mama bears react very aggressively

when they feel their young is in danger and can out run even the fastest of humans. So if you happen to see them....admire from a very, very safe distance because mama bear is never too far away!


All owners should have recieved notice from Crow Wing County Land Services about land assessments being done in the clusters. Owners will notice a gentleman from CWC Land Services wondering around for

a majority of the season starting in a couple of weeks. He will be walking around lots to assess them. Please be respectful when you encounter him as he is just doing the task assigned to him.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


 Wells 3 and 4 have been chlorinated. We will flush them after 1 pm tomorrow. Owners in Cluster 2 will notice a yellowish tint to the water for a bit because the Cluster 1 wells are pushing water through the

"in-between" pipe. The water will clear up after a bit.



     Any amazon delivery that is sent via USPS will not be delivered to the office. Instead, you will recieve a notice that there was an issue with your delivery. You have 72 HRS to pick the order up from the

Pequot Lakes post office.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


We are sorry about the lack of posts lately, but last week was a very busy week for the office. We believe all the water issues have been resolved now. The last of which was a component to the well drive for one

of the wells. Thank you all to the owners for having patience through the whole beginning of the season process. Sometimes we get lucky and sometimes....not so much! This year was the latter of the two!


Laundry services in the Clubhouse are available now!


Annual Reminder: There is absolutely no parking in the right of way! This is covered in the by-laws. Any vehicles consistantly parked in the right of way will be towed at the expense of the vehicle's owner.

There are overflow parking lots located near the office in Cluster 2 and by the tennis court in Cluster 1. If you do not have room on your lot, please utilize these lots.


Fawn Electrical: They had some delays because some things, but are working very hard to stay within reason of Mermorial Day. They expect to start splicing wires to draw from the transformers at the end of the week.

When this happens, there will be power loss in the area. It should only affect the Fawn Lane area and the office, but we are not sure. They will also try to keep to the least amount of time possible. We will keep

owners updated about this.


The rolloff will be here on Friday of this week. We've decided to do one big one in the storage area this year. We keep one here for a couple weeks to help with campground clean up efforts. Same rules apply as last year.

If the rules are not followed, we will have the rolloff removed and will try again next year.


        * No Matteresses or Carpet rolls

        * No Household garbage (Use the regular dumpsters)

        * No Hazerdous materials (paints, oil, gas, or any other chemicals)

        * No Tires

        * No Appliances

        * No Electronics

        * No Burnt materials  


The Question of The Day!

Yes, we are having our big Memorial Day meeting this year! It will be held on Saturday, May 27th at 10:30 am in the Pavilion. We will raise the big flag after the conclusion of the meeting.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!


Wells 1 & 2 were chlorinated yesterday. We will be turning them back on after 2 PM to flush the chlorine out of the well. Owners may smell a strong odor of bleach in the water at first, just flush your lines until

you no longer smell bleach. Wells 3 & 4 will be shut down and they are scheduled to be chlorinated next week.


All five comfort stations are very clean and open for the season. There are some minors issues in comfort station #2 on the woman's side that should be taken care of today.


The Clubhouse is available to owners for limited time during the hours I am here at the moment. When we see staff begin to arrive, the regular hours will resume. The arcade games will be set up within a week or so.


BOAT STICKERS ARE HERE!!!! We are changing out boat stickers this year. They are still $5 per sticker (covers the cost of printing the stickers). You will your boat's make, length, and registration numbers

when you come to the office to register your boat. Owners will be given until June 1st to get the new stickers for their boat. Remember folks, doing this every other year keeps former owners from clogging up

the docks to allow better access for current owners.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


GREAT NEWS! Cluster 1 has water as of 4 pm today. Big shout out to Pratt's Excavation for all their hard work today. 


Chlorination of the wells:

      This is a two step process. AT NO POINT WILL ANYONE LOSE THEIR WATER DURING THIS PROCESS. Wells 1 and 2 will be chlorinated tomorrow. They will sit for 24 hours and

       we will fire them up. At that time, we will shut down wells 3 and 4 to be chlorinated and ask everyone to flush their lines. We will post on the website and on the bulletin boards around the

         campground when it is time to flush lines. The MN Dept. of Health will be informed of the completion of chlorination and will come out to test the wells. We had a clean bill of health last year and expect

        the same for this year. 


Pools will open Memorial Day weekend and not any sooner. There is a lot to do to get these pools ready for the year especially cluster 2 pool. Please leave the workers alone! They communicate with us on a regular

basis and anything important is relayed to owners via the website or bulletin boards. With that said, the laundry room in the Clubhouse will be closed this weekend due to dangerous chemicals. We will let owners

know when it is available. But for now, please use the Comfort Station #5 laundry room. Thank you for understanding!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


Just a few things:


*Fawn Lane Electric upgrade is moving along nicely! They expect to be done by early next week. Landscaping issues will be address after season setup week. 


*The Hot tub fix is underway and didn't require us to dig up the bottom. Yippee!!  They should be done in a few days.


*We met with the locators today and showed them what needed to be located down in Cluster 1. They will be out tomorrow to complete the locate. Once that is done,

    we have our excavator out as soon as possible to fix the 2 blow out valves that are preventing water for Cluster 1.


*Laundry services will be available after tomorrow. We have plans to get a quarter machine in the clubhouse this year. We are just waiting on our staff to join us.


*The Clubhouse Men's bathroom is open for the hot tub repair people only. It has not been deep cleaned and set up for the season yet. Use at your own risk!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!


We were just informed that the PLA annual Spring Welcome Tree event has been postponed due to weather related issues. They can't get the trees out of the ground safely. They will have it on

Saturday, May 27th, 2023, at the Breezy Point Police Department instead. We will be updating the posters around the campground to reflect these changes. Thank you to the owner that so graciously

 informed us of this!


Speaking of Thank yous. We want to thank all the volunteers that took hours out of their day yesterday to make sure the sewer and water came on. And even though it didn't quite go as smoothly as we would

have liked, we definitely appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine!


Thank you,

WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


   Water turn on went okay....  Cluster 2 has water and sewer running. There are a few issues in the Clubhouse but nothing we can't handle. Cluster 1, on the other hand, will have to wait until next week.

On Tuesday afternoon, Gropher State One will be here to locate the area in which the broken blow valves are and our excavator will be here shortly after to fix it. There is some pressure in the lines now, so yes

there is water temporarily until the lines depressurize. We are sorry about the inconvience but we are working as fast as we can to get the water flowing in Cluster 1!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Morning WBCC!



Management would like to remind everyone what severe weather procedure is for owners in the campground.

     If there is severe weather in our area, the Breezy Point Convention Center is a storm shelter. If you cannot make it to the convention center, Comfort Stations 1 and 5 are brick buildings and can be utilized

     for safety. Any on duty staff will drive around to let owners know to seek shelter.


The question of day: When will water be on?


       GOOD NEWS: We finally got the okay and we will be turning on the water in the morning. Volunteers will be appreciated to help open spigots and let air out of the line and walk the sewer line to make sure

that is flowing correctly (I am only one!)


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!


 PLA is hosting their annual Spring Welcome Tree Event this coming Saturday, May 6th, from 9am-Noon (or until all the trees are gone) in the parking lot of the Breezy Point ACE Hardware.


         PLA has the goal of educating the community surrounding the Pelican Lake Watershed in forest management and the importance of keeping our lakes clean. White Spruces provide long-term

           sustainability in the Pelican Lake Watershed by providing wildlife habitats, erosion control, improved water and air quality, and many, many more benefits. PLA are providing packs of 25 or

          50 White Spruce seedlings to community members at absolutely no charge.  


If owners are looking to replace some of their lost trees or want to add a few, this is a great opportunity to get some beautiful pines for your lots at no cost.


Thank you,





Good Afternoon WBCC!


The clusters are coming alive with the sounds of buzzing chainsaws, leaf blowers, and old friends catching up. We are thrilled to see all the familar faces from last year and looking forward to seeing all the

new ones. If you are a new owner and have not recieve a new owner packet from the office, please see us in the office. If you have recieved one and still need to bring back the new owner information sheet,

please bring it to the office at your earliest convienence. It allows us to make sure gate cards are transferred and mailing information is current. If you have moved in the last year and have a new address, please update

your information with the office. 


We know everyone is itching to know the answer to the big question: When will the water be on?

Short answer is:  The extended forcast still has some lows in the thirties. We are definitely watching it daily to decide when the water will be safe to turn on as turning it on too soon will end in catastrophe. We hope to know more

 this coming Wednesday.


Quick updates:


Fawn Lane Electrical: Unfortunately, the weather this week didn't cooperate with us, so the electricians will be here next week to work on Fawn Lane and the Cluster 1 guard shack.

Hot Tub: We heard back from Ed (the pool guy) this week. They will be up either this coming weekend or the following weekend to begin the repair. The hot tub has a completely severed line that will be repaired. This means

tearing out the bottom of the hot tub. IF it takes the company longer than Memorial Day to do the repairs, Ed has assured us that we will still open the Cluster 2 pool with a temporary fence dividing the area. With that said,

 if a temporary fence is erected, everyone must stay out of the blocked off area because it will be very dangerous.


The office will be closed Sunday and Monday. It will reopen in Tuesday.


Thank you,






Good Afternoon WBCC!


As of 4 pm today, Comfort Station 1 has been deep cleaned and is open to all owners.


There is no diffinative date for the water to be turned on. It depends on the weather for the next couple weeks as we are still falling below freezing at night.


We understand the concerns about cluster 1's gate situation. The electrician has assessed the building and has determined that there is a break in a line somewhere. He will need to return with the proper

equipment to find the break and fix it. Both gates are fully functional (as far as we know...). and the problem lies in the guard shack. Our only option is to leave the gates up for now in order to allow owners

access to the cluster. They will be operational as soon as the electric is fixed.


Our gate company will be here Thursday to look at and hopefully fix the exit gate for Cluster 2. 


We are officially in the office. Early spring office hours will be 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. The storage gate will be open during that time.We are trying to get our administrator and other

staff hired as soon as we can, so we can expand on these hours. Hopefully, we will have better luck getting security/housekeeping hired this year. If you or someone you know is interested in PT/FT seasonal employment,

please refer them to the Breezy Point website.


We know the hot question of this spring revolves around the hot tub. The company that will be doing to work was here a couple weeks ago to do the leak assessment. We are waiting to here back on final estimates and projected dates.

Please know we are trying to get the hot tub fixed as soon as possible, but we are at the mercy of the company at this point.


The electrians coming up to complete Fawn Lane should be here in the next week to start feeding wire (as long as it warms up enough to allow the wire to be pliable).

*Oh man, I drop the ball on that proofread. Electrians was supposed to be Electricians.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Hello WBCC!



Here are some quick updates:


Cluster 1 gate situation is a little more extensive than we originally thought. We are arranging for an electrician to come assess the situation as we had quite the shocking experience in the guard shack.


We picked up the dressing/shower curtains from the laundry and are currently waiting on the well company to come in to get the water pumping to Comfort Stations #1 and #5. There are a lot of electronics that

 run the well system, and one oopsy button push will cause chaos. We would prefer not to get yelled at by the well guy! As soon as the water is on, we will get the antifreeze messes cleaned up and make sure the

comfort stations are nice and clean for the early birds.


If you did not recieve a phone call from the office today, you can be happy to know that we did not find any significant damage done to your least none that were blatantly obvious to us as we scanned

through the clusters.


Office hours are not available on consistant basis yet as we have lots to do in the next week to get ready. But as soon as everything is caught up, we will post the office hours.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon Whitebirch RV & Camping Resort!


The woodpeckers are pecking and the deer are moving about! That must mean spring has arrived in Minnesota! The spring thaw is coming along nicely. I know we have had some very beautiful days this past week that

have been amazing to bask in. But do not be fooled by Minnesota's false promises of better weather, we will see a drop in temps (that does include a forecast of the dirty little four letter word: S**W) in the coming week.

Most of both clusters are passiable if you have four wheel drive or a truck. We are not in the business of towing out those that get stuck, so we are suggesting only those that have a vehicle designed to trek through the muddy swamp

 land of spring to brave the clusters. Otherwise, brave the trek at your own risk!


Here are some quick early season stuff:


Electricity is on as of 12 pm today! If you have no electricity this weekend, call Jeff Johnson at 218-831-1919. The frost line is sitting between 6 inches to 12 inches from the surface, so it is a bit early to turn the water

on. None of the comfort stations are open yet. We are hoping to see at least Comfort Station #1 and #5 open in the next week or two.


There are a ton of branches down throughout both clusters. In Cluster 1, there is a tree blocking Plumwood Trial to the left of the main entrance. We are coordinating with Resort maintainence to clear it out. We did not see

a ton of damage to structures. There were a few though. We are trying to get the office up and running to let those with damage know about it. It is a slow moving process.


Cluster 1 gates are not working at the moment. We have isolated the problem to being a bad backups surge protector. I am working with resort IT to resolve that issue asap.


Project updates:


As much as we tried, we were not able to get the hot tub repair done last fall. Buuuuuut.........the company was up here a couple days ago and did their assessment and we are currently waiting on a project estimate.

We are hoping to have that project underway asap.


Fawn lane update: Last fall, we decided to bring an additional company to finish the electrical upgrade as the scope of the project was much bigger than was originally anticipated. We cannot give a definitive date but it is our goal

to have it done asap so we can address all the landscaping issues by early summer.


I am looking forward to seeing all of you soon!



WBCC Manager





Hey WBCC!!


The time has come and the office is closing for the season. If owners need access to the boneyard, they will need to make arrangements with Jeff at the corporate office. Any packages left in the office will

be available for owners to pick up in the spring.


Both Comfort Stations 1 and 5 will remain open through deer season. The blow out of these two station will happen on 11/22/2022. This is also when the electricity will be shut down for the winter.


Thank you all for an amazing and successful season and see you next year!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager







We are aware of the issue with the card reader at the Cluster 1 gate. Resort Maintenance is working on resolving it.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Due to a prior engagement, office hours will be shorten today and the office will close at 3:00 pm. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience. Regular hours will resume tomorrow.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






My apologies for the office hours being cut this week, I was not feeling the best (wasn't strep or covid) and preferred that I didn't get everyone else sick!


The gate for cluster 2 is fixed and didn't take 4 months to fix it!


Blow-out is complete and Comfort Stations 2,3, and 4 are stripped and locked. The laundry rooms have also been winterized and locked for the season.


Reminder: Packages will no longer be delivered to the office as of October 20th and any packages that are not picked up by 4:30pm on October 26th will be locked in the office for the winter.


Reminder: The bone yard will be open until 10 pm today. Starting tomorrow, October 14th, the gates will be open when management is in the office and close for the day when we leave. If you need access to

the bone yard outside of office hours, you will be need to make arrangements with Desirae or Jeff prior to the time you will need to get in there. On Sunday, October 16th, it has been arranged to open the boneyard at 8 am

to allow a company in to shrink wrap several boats.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






We are very aware of the gate issue at the Cluster 2 entrance! Unfortunately, we must leave the arm up due to the unpredictiablity of the its operation at the moment (don't want any vehicles to be damaged).

We have a call into our gate repair guy and he will be up here as soon as he can to diagnose the issue and hopefully repair it quickly.


The arcade games in the clubhouse are no longer available to owners as the company who provides them have come up and prepped them for storage over the winter.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager







Collectively, we have donated already around 150 lbs. of food to the local food pantry that will go to people and families in need! Great job guys!

The last day we will be accepting non-perishable food items by the office is Monday, October 10th around 4:30 pm.

Thank you to all the owners that participated in the food drive!


The concrete by the office is poured and currently curing! Thank you for being courteous to the workers while they worked. It looks fantastic and some landscaping will be addressed when the concrete sets.

All the rest of it will be addressed in the spring!


With the covid really coming to an end, we in the office would like to see more and more activities return throughout the main part of the season. Over the winter, we are

challenging owners to think about activities that are feasible during the next season. Events like a farmer's market, a children's crafting hour, or whatever your amazing imaginations can come up

with. The kicker is owners must be willing to head up these activities. In the spring, be ready to pitch ideas and a plan to impliment them!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Office hours have changed and we are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Otherwise we are available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday-Saturday. The final day the office will be open is Wednesday, October 26th.

We will not accept any packages after October 20th in the office.


 If you left a message for your spigot to be fixed over the weekend, we have added you to the list. If you have not mentioned it to the office, please do so in the next week, otherwise you will have to wait until after

blow out next year to have it addressed because it is likely water will be turned on prior to the maintenance's arrival in the spring.


We forgot to mention that Comfort Station #2 is again open for owners to use. It will remain available until Monday, October 10th. This is when we will do a final cleaning for Comfort Stations 2, 3, 4 and close them

for the season.


The next couple days, we have a concrete crew working by the office to replace the rotting boardwalk. Please be courteous of them as you use the entrance and exit for Cluster 2.


Thank you,





Comfort Station #2 is unavailable for use until further notice. We have some plumbing issues going on that need a professional. We are working on resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

We understand it is an inconvenience for the owners around the station, but Comfort Stations 1 and 3 are still available (and CS #1 has heat...) for owners.


Thank you for your patience,


WBCC Manager




Reminder: If you have a leaky spigot, please call the office at 218-562-5474 before October 11th, and let us know about them. Please do not wait until spring to let us know as it is much easier to address them

when the lines are blown out. We stay much drier!


The office will be officially closed on Thursday, October 27th. The boneyard access will be available by appointment only starting then also.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Important Dates coming up:


September 25th- Office hours changing. New hours are posted on the door.   

October 7th- Last day laundry services are available to owners 

October 10th- Comfort Stations 2, 3, and 4 are closing for the season

October 11th-13th- Annual water line blow-out

October 14th- Boneyard availability will change to match office hours unless prior arrangements are made with Jeff or Desirae.

November 20th- Comfort Stations 1 and 5 will close for the season.

The office will close for the season in late October. We haven’t decided on a date yet!

If you have spigot that is in need of repair, please let the office know as it is easier to fix them when there no pressure in the line!

This notice is posted around the campground also.


9/20/2022 (Edited*)




As the season continues to wind down, we will begin to perform some of maintenance that can only be done during blow-out. If you have spigot that is leaking, please let the office know, so we can have our

maintenance crew change them out while there is no water pressure in the line as they prefer to stay dry while on the job!


With the wind down, owners will begin to see a reduction in office hours and boneyard availablity. We will continue to offer owners access to the boneyard via appoinment through the off-season.


Fedex and UPS will stop delivering to the office on October 20th, 2022. Any packages that are marked for delivery to 7070 Dove Street will be sent back to where it came from after this date.


*We are aware of the state in which the cluster 1 roads are in. They are in desperate need of attention after Saturday's storm. Unfortunately, we are a waiting list for the bobcat at the moment. We will address

them as soon as possible.



1. We will begin to blow-out the water lines on Tuesday, October 11th this year. The process takes about 3 days. Comfort Stations 2,3,4 will be shut down on October 10th in order to throughly clean them and

winterize them. Comfort stations 1 and 5 will remain open through November 20th, 2022.


2. Here are a couple tips on how to protect your camper/park model from becoming a rodent haven over the winter:


    Use a rodent deterring spray foam or silicone to seal any areas that rodents may use to gain access to the inside your camper/parkmodel.

    Make sure all windows and doors lock with a nice tight seal.

    Smells like peppermint, tea tree oil, and moth balls act as rodent deterrents.

    If you choose to go this route, there are plenty of different traps and poisons that can be placed through out your camper/parkmodel that will take care of any rodents that manage to get past all other precautions.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Just a couple things:


Today is the last day that the pools will be open. Ed will be here in the morning to shut them down for the season. The cluster two pool will be uncovered for a day or so to undergo an extreme shock process before the valves are

blown out. Do not try to swim in this pool while this process is occuring as you will get chemical burns from this process.



Our mystery "manager" (the person who thought they could place a $1 swipe fee on all owners) has posted another notice on the boards. We have obviously removed the notice once again, and in its place, we posted

a notice of our own explaining why the hill this person has chose to stand on has no land for them to actually stand on. Yes, this person is correct in the notion that we cannot change the by-laws without a majority vote

(which is a similar clause that our nation's constitution has), but similar (not necessarily the same) to the laws laid out by the government, we (Whitebirch INC.) can institute rules/fees that we expect owners to follow

while in the campground as long as they do not undermine the by-laws. Most of these ideas (not all) are ran by the campground committee before their institution.


Example: The by-laws state that owners are allowed to have an additional camper on their lots for a period of no more than seven (7) days. It does not say that we (Whitebirch INC.) must allow owners to do this for free. So while

we still allow owners the option to have an additional camper on their lots (like the by-laws state), the option will come at a cost of $15 per night.


 We really hope this gives our mystery "manager", as well as all owners, some clarification about the difference between a change in by-laws and instituting a new rule/fee. 


We have posted notices around the campground reminding owners of the October 11th water line blow-out. We are planning to shut down Comfort stations 2, 3, and 4 on October 10th in order to clean them before we have no

water in them. Comfort stations 1 and 5 will remain open through deer rifle season.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Hello WBCC!


The following message is absolutely the reason we have a leashing policy for all dogs:


We have had the unfortunate displeasure of recieving a report of a dog fight the occurred over the holiday weekend in the area of the Moose Trail and Fox Trail. This is truly why we have a leashing rule. Even

the best trained dog will give into their natural instincts, and if they smell something or see certain body language from another dog, they will react. If the dog is unleashed, there is absolutely nothing stopping the dog

from reacting. With that said, keep a leash on your dog!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






With the end of season drawing near, we have an owner who is collecting all unwanted food items until the end of September. As owners begin to clean out their campers, they are welcome to drop off all unwanted

food down at the office. There will be a box by office starting 9/9/2022 for any items owners are willing donate!


The new owners at 30638 Cougar have a chair and a hid-a-bed that they are giving away. They are in the blue tone family. If you are interested, they will be on their lot!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




 After hemming and hawing and speaking with Ed, the pool closure date will be Sept. 11th. There are a few factors that weigh in on this decision. The temperatures are beginning to drop below 50 at night, the highs

next week will only top the low 70's, and the leaves are beginning to turn colors and fall.


Management noticed a lot of additional campers on lots over the holiday weekend. We have those lots written down and will be sending out bills for the additional camper fees. If you choose not to pay the additional camper fee, it will

be added to your annual dues for next year.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes






Labor Day Picnic is tomorrow, 9/3/2022, from 4 pm to 6 pm. There are tickets available still and will be sold at the picnic. The cost is $5 and is only to cover the cost of food.

 We will have pulled pork/chicken sandwiches (BBQ will be served on the side), baked beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw, corn muffins, and lemonade!


The last Fireside Chat will be tomorrow, 9/3/2022, from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.


Owners must remember that your neighbor's lot is private property. We all should respect that notion! You are not allowed to go on it for any reason without the permission of the lot's owner. This includes parking

 on a lot, allowing your pet to use the bathroom on the lot, and using a lot as a walk through to get to your destination. We have plenty of outlots that are available for every one of those activities. If you are a pet

owner, we also offer many poop bag stations throughout the campground for you to clean up after any messes that are made in the campground because who wants to step in a dog pie surprise while enjoying the

common areas in the campground!!


After speaking with Ed (our pool technician), we are playing the pool shut down by ear. With the 10-day forcast looking pretty nice, we plan on leaving the pools open for a bit. If the weather turns rather quickly, we

will shut down. When we have a hard date, we will give notice!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Hello WBCC!


Labor day picnic tickets are still available for purchase! You may purchase them in the office or at the picnic on Saturday.

We are looking for coolers to do cooler corn for the picnic and we will be having a corn shucking session on Friday if anyone is interested in helping! We are also looking for a few helpers to help with serving on

Saturday. Let Desirae or Laurie know if you are interested.


After wrestling on when to do the final fireside chat of the season, we have decided to hold it on Saturday, 9/3/2022 from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm under the pavilion. Again, this is where owners can voice any suggestions

for or concerns about the campground with members of the committee and myself.


Reminder: Blow out will begin October 11th and will take three days to complete. This is also when Comfort Stations #2, 3, and 4 will be cleaned and shut down for the season.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Morning WBCC!


Laurie is enjoying a nice, well-deserved vacation this week. Because of that notion, the normal office hours for Sunday and Monday will be shorten to 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. We understand that this can be an

inconvenience and we apologize for the short notice.


If you reside in the Barkwood Trail and Yellowleaf Trail area, you may have noticed some flickering happening in your lights. We have discovered that one of nature's little tiny creatures decided that the breaker box for that area

was a nice place to make a home. They have done some minor damage and Moon will be out on Monday to try to repair the box. This situation does bring up a valid concern for the winter. If mice are already hunkering down in

breaker boxes, it might be an indication of a problem to come.


Here are a couple tips on how to protect your camper/park model from becoming a rodent haven over the winter:


Use a rodent deterring spray foam or silicone to seal any areas that rodents may use to gain access to the inside your camper/parkmodel.

Make sure all windows and doors lock with nice tight seal.

Smells like peppermint, tea tree oil, and moth balls act as rodent deterrents.

If you choose to go this route, there are plenty of different traps and poisons that can be placed through out your camper/parkmodel that will take care of any rodents that manage to get past all other precautions.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






 A posting on the billboard of Comfort Station #5 and other areas of the campground was brought to management's attention today by some very concerned owners. This particular notice states that as of 8/11/2022,

WBCC will be charging $1.00 for every time an owner swipes their card to cover the cost of the gates. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FALSE. We are not charging owners to swipe their cards and owners will not recieve a bill

at the end of the season for their card use. We do not know who chose to place a notice like this up, but if this person would like to come forward, we will gladly keep track of your card swipes and send you a bill for every

swipe recorded on them at the end of the season (just so you know, we can go back to the beginning of May) since you have taken upon yourself to impersonate management.


And if this is the same person that so nicely stated that management blames all owners for the issues in the campground and only responsible for passive aggressive comments, you may want to relook at the definition of passive

aggressive, because if I (yes, I will use the aggressive form of first person communication for this) was using passive aggressive behavior as a manager, there would have been a lot of things not done this season like not getting the

Fawn Lane electrical project started among the other things that have been brought to my attention over the season. If this is referring to the exit gate that is still broke from the beginning of the season, I sincerely apologize that I

cannot make chip companies overseas bow to my will and force them to send the security gate company the chips necessary to fix the circut board. And I apologize if you feel slighted by me in any way, but I do not place blame on

owners if it is not warrented and truly try to address anything brought to my attention if possible.


Thank you and have a fantastic day,


WBCC Manager







Hello WBCC!!!


Halloween weekend was a huge success! Again, a huge Thank You to Marissa and Jean for their time and wonderful ideas! Congratulations to this year's contest winnners ( I got to see pics of the winners



The first phase of the electrical upgrade finished last Friday. We are getting a lot of questions about landscaping and what will be done about the damage caused by the equipment. We are going to address

the landscaping issues caused by the work being done, but there is still a small excavator that will be used to help in the next phase so we don't want to do anything until there will be no further damage created.

We will keep all owners updated as soon as we are updated! (Just got back from my trip and haven't spoke with Karl Moon yet, sorry!)


                                                                                     REMINDER: THE OVERFLOW LOT IS FOR TEMPORARY USE ONLY!

                                                                                                                 SEVEN (7) DAY PARKING LIMIT 


                                                                                                                           IT IS NOT A SALES LOT!


                                                                If you have something you want to sell, you will need to find another spot to place it other than the lot by the office.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






Happy Halloween!!  It's Halloween weekend.  Big Thank You to Marissa Skaalerud and Jean Gerdes for the wonderful decorations.  The resort looks great!  Watch for Marissa's announcements for

the medallion hunt on Saturday.


Reminder:  The office will be closed on Saturday and reopen Sunday at 10:30am.




Hello WBCC!


Management would like to remind owners that unless you have an agreement with your neighbor's about parking on your lot when you are not here, DO NOT park on a lot. We are getting compliants about this

particular matter. We would like to remind owners that this can be considered tresspassing as lots are privately owned and an owner can call the trespasser in to law enforcement.


Also, if you are a dog parent, please understand that quiet time does encompass barking. If your dog is needing to be out past 10 pm on week days or past 11 pm on weekends, please make sure they are not

excessively during their time out.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


I would like to start out by sending a huge apology out to Mark and the Breezy Point Resort maintenance staff for missing them on the shout out for the Pavilion fix. In my excitement for the fix, I missed them completely

 but they were the ones that helped with the pulling of the pavilion so it was upright! I am truly sorry and would like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to you guys and your amazing skills!


My apologies for the late notice but we are having our next fireside chat this Saturday, 8/13/2022, in the Clubhouse. Our two committe members will be available from 9 am to 10 am to hear any concerns or suggestions

owners may have.


Both Laurie and I have engagements on the weekend of August 20th and August 21st, so there will be no office hours for those two days. (I have to pick my youngest son up from his grandparents (Vicki and Andy) who

 kidnapped (not literally) him in the beginnning of August and brought him to Arizona! And yes, I miss him greatly!) We are asking that anyone bringing in additional campers for that weekend to preregister them in the office.

There will still be security roaming around the campground and they will be able to contact me if needed (as long as I have cell reception in the mountains).


Fawn Lane update!


Phase one is underway in the Fawn Lane electrical upgrade. In this phase, the conduit is being layed throughout the area. Owners will notice the red tubing that is sticking out of the ground in seemingly random

spots. This will hold open the holes and provide protection from wildlife for the 200 amp wire that is being installed from each breaker to each lot. Phase two will be the phase in which the new wire is fed throughout the

lower cluster. The additional new breaker boxes in new areas will be installed at that point and replace any inadequate breaker boxes also. Phase three is the last phase and unfortunately, the most time consuming phase.

In this phase, Mr. Moon will have to hand dig around each pedestal on each lot in order to feed the new wire into it. This is also the phase in which owners will begin to see power outages as he begins to install the wire.

We will definitely try to make sure owners that will be affected by these outages are notified prior to the outage, but we do anticipate this phase to happen as the season begins to wind down and owners are beginnning to

pack up for the season. Mr. Moon did say that he doesn't think the outages would last longer than a couple hours at a time.


One quick reminder: We do not staff lifeguards and all children under 14 years old will need to be supervised by a parent/guardian while in the pool area. We also would like to remind you that the pool areas are only open

from 10 am to 10 pm to owners. There is a water aerobics class that starts at 9 am, Tuesday-Thursday. This class being in the pool area does not mean the pool is available for open swim prior to 10 am!


Finally, the blow out of the water lines for the end of the season will begin October 11th and takes about 3 days. Water will no longer be available to lots after that!


Thank you,


WBCC Mangager






Management would like to remind owners that it is absolutely unacceptable to sublease/rent out your lot for any reason. This is listed in the Campground by-laws and will be taken very seriously by corperate if you

are caught doing this. If you would like a copy of the by-laws, they are available to owners during regular office hours.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Good Morning WBCC!


After a few curse words and some digging, we have found a directional drilling company for the Fawn Lane electrical grid upgrade! Owners in this area will see an increase in activity in the area in the next

week. We will have locators, the drilling crew, and Karl all working in the area starting Monday, 8/8/2022. The project will be done in three phases and will include installing new breaker boxes, transformers, and new

 line between lots. There will be noise and will get a little messy but the end result will be worth it! Unfortunately, we cannot give onwers an end date because there are outside factors like weather and company

availability that hinder that notion. It is our hope that it will only take a few weeks.





The pavilion is complete and we can resume taking reservations for it! And huge shout out to Lee and Monty for the amazing engineering skills!!!



Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


I cannot believe I have to post this on here but here we go.....


Dear Skinny Dipper,


Unfortunate for you, I had to investagate another incident. While investigating that incident, I found the footage that you so proudly left for us to find. Dancing naked and flashing the camera a heart symbol is not

something you should be proud of. I would like to remind you that in the state of Minnesota, the penalties for indicent exposure include up to 90 days in jail, up to $1,000 in fines (or both) for a misdemeanor offense, up to 365

 days in jail and up to $3,000 in fines (or both) for a gross misdemeanor offense, and finally for the felony offense, you could see up 5 years in state prison, up to $10,000 in fines and being placed on the state sex offender registery.

This footage has been saved to our server and will be presented to law enforcement if this behavior continues. The fact that you showed zero regard for the law while perpetrating this behavior will not bode well in court and staff

will not tolerate this behavior at any point!


Owners, you are strongly encouraged to call law enforcement immediately if you catch someone engaging in lewd acts such as this while inside the pool areas or in the campground period.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


Owners in Cluster #1 may notice that there is new rock to the right of the inbound gate. We tried to just place the rock there to deter motorcycles and golf carts from going around the arm using that space.

Since the gentleman with the blue t-shirt in the red golf cart this week took upon himself to move that rock to let himself in, we have decided to cement the rock in place. Any further tampering with this rock may

result in law enforcement involvement and an expectation that the offending party pay for anything needing to be done to reset the rock in this spot.


It has also been brought to management's that there have been some massively oversized floaties that have been brought in the pool to use. We understand the fun that can be had with these oversized floaties, but

people must understand that these floaties are designed to be used in a lake or river setting where space isn't necessarily a factor. Our pools are just not big enough for these types of floaties. Out of respect for

everyone trying to enjoy the pools, please stick to smaller floaties and other pool toys and leave the lake/river floaties for time spent in lakes/rivers.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!


Bad news owners......


Despite our best efforts, the hot tub has to be drained and capped for the rest of the season due to the massive leak. The water tight is just not enough to slow the leak and we are very concerned about where

the water is going at this point. We really do not want to lose the Clubhouse to a sink hole! We are working with a company to schedule the hot tub fix this fall, so when we open next season, the hot tub will be

up and running with zero leakage!!!


On a good note, the pavilion should be up and running in a couple weeks. We will announce on the website when we will resume taking reservations for activities in the pavilion.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager








We are aware of the Cluster 2 inbound gate being up. We have called the security company and are hoping to hear something back shortly.


Thank you,






Our Apologies!


There seems to be some confusion about the registration of vehicles/boats. We are talking about out of date state registrations like current tabs on a car or the MN registration for boats (the one the DNR

looks at). We are seeing some boats that haven't been registered since as long ago as 2007 and vehicles not tabbed since as long ao as 2019 on lots, which tells us that the vehicle/boat has not moved/been

used in quite sometime. Because of this notion, we are assuming these boats/vehicles are not in working order/abandoned and the by-laws state that vehicles of that nature are not allowed on lots within the

campground. If you are current on your state registrations for your vehicles/boats, you are good to go.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Hello WBCC!


There are a couple things we would like to remind owners about.


1. If you have vehicles or boats on your lot, they must be currently registered! If they are not, management will consider them abandoned or junk. According to the by-laws abandoned and junk vehicles/boats

are prohibited on your lots. We are asking that you either bring the registrations back up to date or remove them from your lots. If you haven't recieved a letter yet about these vehicles/boats, you will shortly.


2. If you choose to use landscaping rock on your lots, remember that while landscaping rock is low maintenance, it is not maintenance free! Make sure you are addressing any overgrowth of weeds within the

landscaping rock.


3. We understand that on the weekends it is nice to sit out by the fire enjoying a cold one into the wee hours of the early morning. We must remember that there is a quiet time in the campround. On the weekdays,

quiet time begins at 10 pm and on the weekends, quiet time begins at 11 pm. Be respectful of your neighbors and move your fun into your camper/park model during this time please.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






2022 Poker Run Rules Saturday, July 23rd @ 6pm to 8:30pm

This is a free game for all ages.  There will be an adult game (21+) and a children’s game for anyone under the age of 21.  There will be separate prizes for the winners for the adult game and the under 21 age group.

The poker run is not a race so please do not speed and be respectful to everyone hosting or playing the game. 

Each contestant will need to start at the pavilion pool area to get your official scorecard and your first poker card. Please bring a smartphone to take a picture of all the locations of each official stop.  Adults should bring a small cup or shot glass if they intend on drinking at any of the hosting sites. 

Each host will have a large poker card posted as a sign so you can identify the proper hosting locations. 

Scorecards will need a contestant name and will have a special marking to identify if you are playing the adult or under 21 game. 

The object of the game is to finish with the best 5 card poker hand.  Hosts will shuffle and mix up cards and allow each contestant to choose 1 free card per site until you have a maximum of 5 cards.  If you receive a duplicate card than you will draw a replacement card.  Hosts will write card number and suit and initial each card on your scorecard.  Examples: 10 of clubs = 10C and king of hearts = KH

Some hosting sites may offer a second chance card opportunity.  You may have to play a game or take a shot or do something special and unique if you want to draw a new card.  Ask each site if they have a second chance option if you want to discard a card in hopes to draw a better  card.  Tell the host which card you wish to discard before drawing a new card. 

Second chance games can only be played once per site. 

It is possible to get more than 5 free cards or second chance cards by stopping at more than 5 hosting sites.  You must discard a card before you draw any new cards if you are holding the maximum of 5 cards.  The more cards you get the greater the chance of improving your poker hand.

All scorecards should be returned to pavilion pool area by 8:30pm to qualify for any prizes.  Prizes will be announced once all the cards have been checked for winners. 

We are still in need of kids and or adult donations to be used as prizes and we could use additional hosts.  If you would like to volunteer or donate a prize please message Mike or Dawnya Mohs right away.









Thank you to everyone that came to the Fireside Chat this morning!


We would like to remind everyone that there will be some entertain up in the Cluster 2 pool parking lot tonight from around 7 pm to 10:30 pm thanks to an owner in the campground. She has stated that all are

to come and enjoy Terry Woodford the One Man Band this evening. We are asking that no one parks in the parking lot during this time. Yes, you are still welcome to utilize the pool until it closes

for the night.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager






My apologies for the lack of time concerning the Fireside Chat tomorrow. We will be in the Clubhouse from 9am to 10am.



Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Due to a meeting up at the resort, the office will be opening late on 7/15/2022. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Management would like to thank all the owners that are making progress on cleaning up their lots. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.


We have had to look into a different excavating company to start the Fawn Lane electrical upgrade because of the obstacles in the area.

They will hopefully be in the campground in the next couple of days to assess the area.


Our second fireside chat will be on 7/16/2022 up in the Clubhouse (by the cluster 2 pool). Owners are welcome to join us to share any concerns or suggestions for the campgrounds. Committee members Mark (Cluster 1) and

Monty (Cluster 2) will be available to listen to these!


Thank you,


WBCC Manager



7/11/2022  (Updated)

As warned, the water in Cluster 2 lower section by Fawn Lane is being shut down this morning for a couple hours.  Sorry for the inconvienence this may cause but the water issue should be fixed shortly.

Water fix is now complete.  Water has been turned back on.  Please run your water for a bit before using.


Thank You


WBCC Admin.






As we move into the middle of summer and the mosquitoes and the weeds are becoming more and more of a nuisance, we all need to be conscious of our neighbors when choosing the chemicals to combat

these pests. Commercial herbicides and pesticides are harsher than residential and may wreak havoc those that may be asthmatic or have other medical conditions.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!


Just a forewarning: The water repair for the owner on Fawn Lane will be completed tomorrow 7/8/2022. We can isolate the water shut down to mainly the lower part of cluster 2, but a few owners in the upper cluster

may see a loss in water for a bit. We do not know exactly when the water will be shut down tomorrow, but we will try to keep the time the system is down to a minimum. We will also be speaking to the excavation

company about how we are going to approach the Fawn Lane electrical grid upgrade. We can hopefully give the owners in this area a better idea of everything after that.


Management sent out letters yesterday to those that have let their lots become storage lots for abandoned vehicles and other abandoned material, let their camper/park model/MN Room fall into disrepair, or have allowed

overgrowth and other debris to clutter their lots. If you recieve a letter, every issue that is brought up is covered under the by-laws/rules and regulations and your immediate attention will be required to resolve those issues.


Becaue of the craft/garage sale this Saturday, we are going to reschedule the Fireside Chat for Saturday, July 16th so that owners may take advantage of the sale. Management will post notices on the Comfort Stations!


Management understand that the comfort stations have not been up to a 5 star standard around the park. Owners need to understand that despite efforts to hire a person(s), we still have not found someone. As a result,

Desirae and Laurie have been trying to keep up with the cleaning. They also have other things that are just as important they must attend to, and the resort is also short staffed. We have had a few owners volunteer to clean for

 us too. If any owners know of someone looking for full time or part time work for the reminder of the season, please refer them to the Breezy Point Resort website or if any owners would be willing to volunteer to clean even

one comfort station once in awhile, it would be very much appreciated. 


Thank you,


WBCC Manager




Happy 4th of July WBCC!




Fireworks are strictly prohibited within the campground! Breezy Point PD are aware of this rule and will be patroling the area this weekend.


Also, NO ONE should be parked in the right of way (the road). If you are caught parked in the right of way, you will be given one verbal warning. After that, you will recieve a letter stating that any further

incidents of illegally parking on the road will result in a tow truck being called to tow the vehicle at the expense of the registered owner. This covered in the by-laws!


We are seeing a lot of extra campers on lots that are not registered with the office! We have written down the lots that have extra campers without stickers and will access the utility/amenity charge

to the owner of the lot's account.


An owner in Cluster 2 had a significant amount of trees removed from their lot. There is a pile of of wood chips from this removal down by the sand pit in cluster one (just off the golf cart path). This is free for

owners to take!


Bad News: The hot tub leak has returned with a vengeance. This is why it has been running cold and it is also why it is roped off again. Ed will be here shortly to access whether it will be able to

reopen this season.


Stay safe this weekend,


WBCC Manager




Good Morning WBCC!


Mangement would like to inform you that some of you may experience some power outage tomorrow Wednesday, 6/29/2022. The power will be down from approximately 8 am to 12 pm and

will be concentrated in the Buck Ave. and Fawn Lane part of Cluster 2. We are repairing the breaker that had a melt down during the extreme heat. We know this is not neccessarily the repair most

were hoping for, but we are happy to announce that the ball is rolling on that repair also. We do not have a concrete dates...yet, but we are working on the plan and it is our hope that it will be completed before

 the end of the season.

 Side Note: I understand that the people that are affected the most by the issue are growing very impatiant with this kind of answer, but please know as the new manager for the campground, I am

working vigoriously to ensure this project is started and completed by season's end.  


We are also addressing the two water main issues starting Wednesday, 6/29/2022. Because the water main issues affect both Cluster 1 and Cluster 2, the water will be shut off when the water mains

are being repaired. We cannot give you times that the water will be down, but if you experience water loss, it is because the water system has been shut down temporarily. We are hoping to have the project

completed before the major traffic starts arriving for this weekend!


If you have any questions concerning these matters, please call the office!


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Do you have Garage Sale items you would like to sell?  Crafts you have made and would like to sell? 

On Saturday, July 9th will be the Whitebirch Campground Garage / Craft Sale in the 7070 Dove Street main entrance parking lot from 8 am - 1 pm. 

Signs will be posted along the exterior roads.  Some picnic tables will be available to use but bring your own if you have some.


Reminder:  Saturday, July 2nd is the Independence Day Celebration!

Golf Cart Parade will begin at 10:00 am.  Line up along Doe Trail (along main entrance by office).  Parade route will go up into Cluster 2 turning right on Whitebirch Way

to Cougar Pass then down along side the Clubhouse and down the trail to Cluster 1 up Whitebirch Way turn right on Barkwood Trail, turn right on Yellowleaf Trail, turn right

onto Plumwood Trail then back to Whitebirch Way to the trail back to Cluster 2.

The BBQ will be from 4:00 - 6:00pm in the Clubhouse parking lot.  No traffic will be allowed through the Clubhouse parking lot as a tent will be set up for the dinner. 

Since seating space will be limited please bring chairs to sit on (just in case).

Face painting will be provided by Victoria Loosbrock durning dinner hours.

After dinner stay to enjoy the Music by Pam & Dave Applegate from 7:00 - 10:00 pm!


Have a Happy & Safe Holiday Weekend!

Campground Staff







Due to prior engagements, we will not have office hours on Sunday 6/26/2022. We are sorry for any inconvience this may cause.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!


 A reminder:


 ALL PETS MUST STAY LEASHED AT ALL TIMES! This is covered under rule #6 of the campground rules and regulations!

We are seeing a lot of dogs off leash throughout the common areas of the campground especially coming from the golf cart path. And yes, we see from the office. We have already called animal control once this year.

We do not want to make it a trend!

With that said, the tennis court area in Cluster One is a pet-free zone (see rule #6). We found dog feces inside the fenced area this morning which brings up another point....ALL DOG OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE
FOR THEIR PETS FECES! We provide doggie bag stations througout the campground, utilize them please!

Also, if you would like to allow your dog to run off leash, there is a dog park located on Pillsbury Street in Pequot Lakes (roughly 2.9 miles from the campground). You are more than welcome to utilize that area.


Ignorance of this rule is not an excuse! The rules are posted on every comfort station and owners are responsible to inform their guests of these rules. We will gladly provide you a copy of them, just stop in the office during

office hours.





Good Day WBCC!


Our neighborhood bear has been spotted in several areas throughout the campground over the past few weeks. We would like to remind everyone that this bear is a wild animal and can be unpredictable in its

actions. IT IS NOT FRIENDLY! Because of the frequency of the sightings, we are asking all owners that have any type of birdfeeders to put their feeders away for a few weeks. This will help discourage any

food-seeking behavior. We understand that these owners love this simple pleasure in life, but unfornately for the safety of all owners, we are asking you comply with this request.  We have also posted notices around

the campground of this request.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Good Morning WBCC!


With the high humidity and hot temperatures today, management would like to remind owners and their guests that the Comfort Station floors will be damp and slightly slippery. Unfortunnately, this

is beyond our control. Please be careful!


On Saturday, July 16th, campground owner Tina D. will be hosting a musical guest in the Cluster 2 parking area (by the pool). She will have Terry Woodford the One Man Band playing from 7 pm to 10:30 pm

 (times are tenative). All are welcome to enjoy the show! We are asking that no one parks in the parking lot during this time, since the Pavillion is unavialable until further notice for these types of activities.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!




If you are interested in helping with the organization and execution of campground activities this year such as the 4th of July and Labor Day picnics, craft/garage sales, Halloween or a Poker Run.....

we want you!


Please contact Laurie at the campground office.

(218) 562-5474 or email her at






Good Morning WBCC!


        Apologies for not posting this sooner, but as of yesterday, Comfort Station #2 in Cluster 1 has had its hot water restored. No more cold showers!

     Reminder: Our first Fireside Chat is today at 9am to 10am! 




Hello WBCC!


      I hope all are enjoying this beautiful weather we're finally having. Our first Fireside Chat will be this Saturday, June 11th in the Clubhouse (building next to the Cluster 2 pool) from 9am to 10am. Jean (Cluster 1)

and Sue (Cluster 2) will be available to listen to your concerns and suggestions regarding the campground! We hope to see you there.


Thank you,


WBCC Manager





It the understanding of management that there have been concerns/compliants about the Cluster 2 gate being stuck up. We understand everyone's concerns. To clarify, yes, we have carmeras on the gate and

yes, we know who breaks the gates when they are broke due to vandalism/negligence. However, that is not the case this time. This is an internal issue and parts have been rather diffcult to obtain in the past two

years due to Covid-19 and the restrictions that were put in place. They are ordered and the issue resolved as soon as possible.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager




Good Afternoon WBCC!


I have great news and not so great news today. The great news is the Cluster 2 pool and kiddie pool are officially open to owners....the not so great news is the hot tub is still unavailable at this time.

We are still trying to at least slow the leak for the season so it will be be available.


The OFFICIAL Whitebirch gear is now available in the office. There are long sleeve shirts for $28, 1/4 Zip sweaters for $40, and full zip-up hoodies for $45. We have sizes small-3X. All plus sizes are $2 extra.


Clarification for golf carts and minors: Because of last year's accident involving minor children driving golf carts, no minor children under the age of 12 will be allowed to drive a golf cart.

Children ages 12-14 years olds will need to have completed the DNR OHV/ATV youth permit training in order to drive a golf cart within the campground. They may bring their permit proving

they have completed the course to the office. Management will laminate the permit and place it on a blue lanyard for them to wear around their necks at ALL TIMES WHILE DRIVING THE GOLF CART.

The Breezy Point city ordinance concerning youth ages 15-17 will continue to apply.


To read more about the DNR OHV/ATV youth permit training, please visit:


And finally: We are still looking for Housekeeping and Security for the season. If you are interested, apply at Whitebirch INC.





Hello WBCC....


As many of you know, we had first whopper of a storm last night. Management has tried to contact most of the people that we noticed had damage/potential of damage to their property. If you did not receive a

phone call, it was because we were told you were aware or we do not have a current phone number for you. Unfortunately, due to storm damage, the pavilion is unavailable until further notice.

The stability of the structure has been compromised. DO NOT GO UNDER IT FOR ANY REASON!





Hello WBCC!



  The age requirement to drive a golf cart within the City of Breezy Point is 15 years of age.  **Effective August 1, 2020 the age to drive a golf cart in the Whitebirch Campground will also be 15 years of age. ****

If a youngster has previously taken the DNR test, driving exam and received a certificate from the State, bring your certificate to the office and a lanyard will be issued.  The child must wear the lanyard at all times when driving

a golf cart. Violations and fines followed by loss of privilege maybe imposed for owners who are continually not following the rules and policies of the campground.


It is a privilege to drive a golf cart-Not a right!

We are seeing VERY young children driving golf carts throughout both clusters. This will be the only warning that management will be issuing about this matter for the rest of the summer.

 From this point forward, we will move forward with violation notices, fines, and/or loss of golf cart privilages for those owners who choose to ignore this rule.

Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!


Management is aware of the gate issue at Cluster 2. We hoping the issue will be resolved shortly.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager






Good Afternoon WBCC!


Our neighborhood bear has been spotted hanging around the tennis court area in Cluster 1. We have posted signs in the area she was sighted in, but we are asking owners be diligent and alert

around the campground this weekend. Bears can be attracted by birdfeeders, so owners might try bringing their feeders in at night to try to discourage her.


Unfortunately, the cluster 2 pool area will not be available at all this weekend. This morning, our pool guy noticed that both the kiddie and hot tub are still leaking slightly, and since the big pool is still down,

he would like to take the opportunity to address this issue with no foot traffic. Please let him work on it without distrations. We understand this is frustrating for everyone, but the sooner we take care

of these issues, the better it will be in the long run. The proposed target date to open the Cluster 2 pool area will be the middle of next week (hopefully, we might actually be warm...).


Everyone may have noticed that our big flag is missing in action. We have a new one on the way since the state of the last one was beyond being displayable. It will be delivered tomorrow, but we would like

hold a small flag raising ceremony (nothing at all formal) in honor of those who have fallen in the line of duty defending the red,white, and blue. We will hold it at 11:30 am on Saturday after the owner's meeting.

Everyone will be welcome to attend! We are looking for a person that would be willing to lend their vocal prowess to sing our national athem as the flag is raised. Please call Desirae at 218-562-5474

if you are interested in lending us your voice, otherwise we will default to a recording sang by the U.S. Army Field Band.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Good afternoon WBCC!


Due to the weather, the cluster 2 pool will not be available this weekend. The rubberized paint needs at least 5 days of good sunshine and warm temperatures to properly cure. Being that it is a state regulation,

we cannot open the pool without having the black lines on the stairs. We are working on the opening the Cluster 1 pool instead (with the intention of closing it at a later date to fix the concrete issue) and the hot tub

and kiddie pool will be available. We apologize for and understand the inconvenience this will be, but we would rather have the Cluster 2 painting done properly than have to repaint in the spring next year.



And a quick reminder that the storage fee deadline is next Tuesday, 5/31/2022. If you would like to retain your storage lot, please pay the fee of $125 in the campground office or up in the main corperate office at the

Breezy Point resort.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


The Cluster One Camping Spot is not a parking spot and it is not a free camping spot. There is a fee of $15 per night and it is required that the owner the guest is visiting or the guest stops in the office to register

and pay for their stay BEFORE they park. There is currently a truck and ice house trailer taking residence in that spot that was not scheduled to be there. The liscense plates for both the trailer and the truck have been recorded

and if it is reported they stayed overnight in this spot or on a lot, Management will contact local law enforcement for trepassing.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!


The rolloffs are here. There is one in the boat yard and one by the tennis court.




*There are eyes on you!!!!


Some of the staff positions have been filled, so you will begin to see some new faces behind the scenes. With that being said, the staff have been told they are not tolerate abuse of any kind from owners.

 If you have an issue with a staff member, it will be expected that you come to management with your grievance.


Beginning this coming week, we will have office hours 7 days a week:

Sunday: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Monday thru Saturday: 8 am to 4 pm


My administrative assistant, Laurie, will be in the office on Sundays and Mondays. She can deal with some issues, but mostly, I will deal with any issues on Tuesdays when I return to the office for the week.


Due to the Well Chlorination:  The washers in the laundry area at Comfort Station #5 will be unavailable until I can have the lines flushed. It is in your best interest not run a load of clothes

as the well chlorination process is more intense than household bleach and will ruin your clothes. Staff will flush lines within a couple of days and hopefully everything will be back to normal!


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!


The wells in Cluster 2 are scheduled to be chlorinated at 1 pm. We are switching over to the well down in Cluster 1 for the process. You will need to flush your lines! I have placed reminders at the

comfort station also.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Good Afternoon WBCC!  Just a couple things...


Cluster One's wells have been chlorinated as of yesterday. Cluster Two's wells should be chlorinated sometime tomorrow.

The water issue in Comfort Station #3 has been resolved and a wonderful volunteer has taken the time to clean it, so it is available for use now. Comfort Stations #2 and #4 have not

been cleaned yet. We are hoping to have them cleaned and available for owner use over the weekend.



Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Hello WBCC!


Management would like to remind you that the campground speed limit is 5 MPH. We are recieving quite a few complaints about excessive speeding throughout both clusters. We all need to be respectful of others

 and remember there are people and children that utilize the roadway to walk on.



Most of the residents in the campground work very hard and spend good money to keep their yards landscaped and in good condition. Please respect that!


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager








Breezy Point Police Department will be conducting a Golf Cart Rodeo at Breezy Point City Hall on Saturday 5/21/2022 at 10 am. There will be a short safety presentation and local vendors will be there

showcasing products.


Featured Event:

Golf Cart Decorating contest- Best Decorated cart will win a prize (TBD)!






Due to a prior engagement, the office will close tomorrow at 12 pm. The storage area will be open until 4 pm still.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager






Hello WBCC!

There is now laundry service available at Comfort Station #5 only. Due to pipe issues, we have not been able to get the water to Comfort Station #4 (The Clubhouse) up and running yet. We are hoping to have

the issue resolved shortly. The wells have not been chloronated yet, but the well company should be here to do that shortly. We will post when the chloronation process is complete. Stay safe and enjoy your day!


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manger






Good Afternoon WBCC!!!

The water is on! We did run into some issues that should be taken care over this week. If your water sputters, let it run until it stops. It is air making its way through the line. If you notice a neighbors outside hookup is flowing and they are not up here yet, please turn it off. We tried to catch them all!


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager







Regarding the Cluster 1 guest campsite, management is asking that an owner’s guest comes after 1 pm on the scheduled date of arrival and leave by 1 pm on the scheduled date of departure. Without set arrival and departure times, it is difficult for management to know when a guest will be arriving and leaving on the requested dates. By having set arrival/departure times, management will be able to better accommodate all owner’s requests to reserve this campsite. Similarly to a guest camper on an owner’s lot, we are asking that the guest stop at the office to fill out the registration form before they park on the campsite.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Reminder: According to MN Statute 144.414: “Smoking shall not be permitted in and no person shall smoke in a public place, at a public meeting, a place of employment, or in public transportation…” All common areas (i.e., comfort stations, pool areas, etc.) within the campground fall under this statute. If you are caught smoking in a public area, you may be subjected to monetary penalties up to $10,000 from the Minnesota Department of Health and local law enforcement.


Again, there have been signs of smoking in the woman’s side of Comfort Station #1. There was a cigarette butt that was obviously put out on the floor in the first bathroom stall. Management did not miss the guilty party by much as it still smelled heavily of cigarette smoke in the area. If this continues, management will be forced to lock the comfort station’s doors until the guilty party comes forward. If this is a minor hiding in the bathroom from their parents, the parents will be held responsible for any damages or fines the campground may be accrue due to their child’s actions.


Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes

WBCC Manager





Good morning WBCC!


 Management would like to extend their apologies for the confusion surrounding storage fees, which will remain at $125 per spot. To clarify this matter, we would like to remind owners that storage contracts run from May 1st to May 1st of the following year. We understand that many owners do not return until a little later in the month of May, so we give all current storage contract holders until May 31st to renew their contract by paying their fee. An owner may pay their fees in the campground office or up in the corporate building at Breezy Point Resort. If an owner fails to pay their fee by May 31st, their contract will lapse and they will remove their items within the spot. Because of technical difficulties, we were unable to post this notice earlier. Again, we apologize for any confusion. Have a great day!



Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes-WBCC Manager






The hot water issue at Comfort Station #1 in Cluster 1 has been resolved. No more cold showers guys! Have a fantastic day! Thank you- Desirae WBCC Manager




Management is aware of the hot water issue at Comfort Station #1 in cluster 1. While there is some hot water at the moment, it is not heating to a decent temperature. We are hoping to have this resovled tomorrow! Thank you, Desirae -WBCC Manager





Hey WBCC!  A few more announcements, reminders, and tips as we begin the season:


  1. The roll-offs will be here starting Friday, May 20th. Again, these roll-offs will be available to owners to clean their lot within the campground. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE TRASH AND ITEMS THAT MUST BE PAID TO BE DISPOSED OF WILL BE ACCEPTED (i.e., MATTRESSES/BOXSPRINGS, ELECTRONICS (TVS, VCRS, ETC.), OR ANY MAJOR APPLIANCES).  Remember to utilize the composting station at 7947 Dakota Drive (little over a mile from the campground) for dumping brush, grass clippings, and leaves.
  2. The target date for the water turn on is May 10th, 2022. As long as the resort maintenance can spare a few guys on that date to help, this is when the campground will get all the water up running. Thank you for your patience with the cold start to the season.
  3. Reminder: Please be respectful others’ needs and avoid blocking campground dumpsters by parking vehicles/trailers in front of them. This restricts everyone’s accessibility to them including the garbage service. This would mean that garbage would not be collected from that dumpster.
  4. Reminder: According to MN Statute 144.414: “Smoking shall not be permitted in and no person shall smoke in a public place, at a public meeting, a place of employment, or in public transportation…” All common areas (i.e., comfort stations, pool areas, etc.) within the campground fall under this statute. There was evidence (ashes and a nicotine residue on the tile counter and mirror, a damp cherry on a shower floor) of smoking found in woman’s side of Comfort Station 1 on 5/1/2022. If you are caught smoking in a public area, you may be subjected to monetary penalties up to $10,000 from the Minnesota Department of Health and local law enforcement. Also, please make sure that if you are the last person to leave the comfort station, you are turning off the lights. This will cut down on energy costs for the campground and on the number of bugs being attracted by the comfort station lights.
  5.  Reminder: If an owner is going to renew their storage contract, the storage fee was due May 1st, 2022.  Owners have until May 31st, 2022 to either pay the storage fees or remove any items from their storage spot. The waiting list did roll over from the previous year and is growing longer by the day! Management will begin accessing openings in the storage lot in early June.
  6. Reminder: As of May 1st, 2022, the rules have been amended to reflect the following change: Any additional camper on an owner’s lot will be charged a daily fee of $15 per day and must be registered with the office. The maximum time that a 2nd camper can remain on a lot is seven (7) days. A 2nd camper after removal has to remain off of a resident’s lot for a period of at least seven (7) days. To clarify, this means before an owner’s guest can park on the owner’s lot, they must see someone in the main office to pay the daily fee for each day (maximum of seven (7) days) they will be staying and to register their camper. If a camper remains on the lot after the seven (7) day period, the owner of the lot will receive a violation letter and will be given twenty (20) days to remove the camper. On day twenty-one (21), the owner of the lot will be charged a violation fee of $25 for every day the camper remains on their lot. Remember, extra campers cost extra money for electricity and amenities!
  7. With prices on the rise, here are some tips to save on energy costs this summer!
    • Give your air conditioning unit a little TLC in the beginning of the season. Fun Fact: A simple clogged A/C filter can increase energy use by 5-15%.
    • On hot days, resist the urge to furiously press the down button on the thermostat to quickly cool an area. Set it to your optimal temperature and give it time to cool down. Fun fact: Studies show that each degree above 75 that a cooling system is set at is equal to 10-15% decrease in energy costs.
    • Install a temperature-controlled timer on your plug-in cooling unit to alleviate unnecessary usage while the property is not in use.  The home will stay cool, but the A/C unit will not run all hours of the day and night.
    • Unplugging or using smart power strips for unnecessary phantom/vampire devices like phone chargers, toasters, air fryers, coffee makers, and other small appliances will save on energy costs.
    • Use shade to your advantage! Draw shades and curtains during the day and open them at night to naturally keep an area cooler. Plant bushes or trees, if possible, on the south and west sides of the home to shield it from the most direct sunlight. Fun Fact: Placing an A/C unit in the shade can make a cooling system run up to 10% more energy efficiently.
    • Close doors and vents to rooms not in use to alleviate unnecessary strain on your cooling system. Remember to turn off the lights in those areas too!   
    • And finally, if we all do our part to be conscious about our energy use, we can combat the rising energy costs for the campground overall and continue putting more money into making the campground a fun summer destination for you and your guests!



Thank you,

Desirae Rhodes-WBCC Manager

Hello Whitebirch Conservation Club! My name is Desirae Rhodes and I am new manager for the WBCC campground. A little background of myself: I have called the Brainerd Lakes Area home for the past 24 years and am a mother to three wonderful children. I am currently enrolled at Bemidji State University and pursuing my PhD in Psychology. I hope to establish a career in education or therapy services. Due to schooling, I am unavailable to work on Mondays and Wednesdays at this time. Otherwise I will be at the office/campground from 8 am – 4pm. These days/hours will change after the semester ends and I have hired an administrative assistant.

Just a few announcements and reminders:

1. Cluster 2 Committee member opening: Due to unfortunate circumstances, the WBCC committee does have an opening for a member of Cluster 2 to join. This member must be team-oriented, friendly, creative, and enthusiastic about bringing positive change to WBCC. Please email your resume and cover letter about why you would make a great fit for the committee to and
2. WBCC is currently looking for hard-working, friendly faces for Security, Housekeeping, Groundskeeper, and an Administrative assistant to the manager. It is our preference that we hire within the campground. If you are interested, please apply at Whitebirch Inc.
3. Electricity is on, and comfort stations 1 and 5 are fully functioning. We are still waiting for the ground to thaw a bit more before turning on the water. With warmer weather on the horizon, we are hoping that in the next 10-14 days we can get the water system up and running.
4. Reminder: The overflow parking near the office in cluster 2 is not a storage lot. While we understand that owners may need a place to temporarily park a vehicle/trailer, it will be required that you receive permission of management to use this lot as short-term parking. *To the owner of the RV with MN plate #: RU47490, you did not inform management of the need to use this lot and have until 5/05/2022 to remove this RV, or it will be towed/stored at the registered owner’s expense.*
5. Reminder: The dumpsters near the comfort stations are for household trash only. This mean absolutely no hazardous materials, household/yard furniture, yard waste, or electronics may be dumped in these dumpsters. Management is setting up delivery of the roll-offs (one per cluster) for the spring clean-up. They should arrive in Mid-May (we make another announcement when they arrive) and be available to owners until mid-June. These roll-offs will be available to owners to clean their lot within the campground. NO OUTSIDE TRASH MAY BE PUT IN THESE ROLL-OFFS AND NO ITEMS THAT MUST BE PAID TO BE DISPOSED OF WILL BE EXCEPTED (i.e. MATTRESSES/BOXSPRINGS, ELECTRONICS (TVS, VCRS, ETC.), OR ANY MAJOR APPLIANCES). This service is being offered as a courtesy to the owners in the campground. If it is abused, it will no longer be offered as a courtesy.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with all of you this summer!

Thank you,
Desirae Rhodes
WBCC Manager





Notice (April 15th, 2022): Power is on for clusters 1&2.  At this time, only Comfort Station #5 is up and running.  Thank you.

Notice (April 08, 2022): Weather conditions did not improve this week, the roads within WBCC are still impassable.  The campground will not be open this weekend.  Warmer weather is ahead, and we hope to be opening soon!

Notice: Golf Cart Permit Sales:
Aviation Day
Saturday May 7th 2020
10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.

The City will have a booth for selling golf cart permits to the public during the annual Aviation Day in May.

Requirements to Purchase:
• Insurance information for your specific golf cart
• $15 cash or check (no credit/debit cards) per golf cart
• Completed golf cart permit application (provided on site or you can download from city website and complete prior to event)

***Golf Cart Permits are required for all golf carts traveling on city and county streets in the city limits of Breezy Point.***

Notice (April 01, 2022): Due to the snow covering our roads, WBCC will not be open for this weekend.  All roads are still impassable.  We will check again next week, and post an update here.  Thank you.

  1. Owners may have only one permanent Camper/RV on their site; additional tents, pop-ups, campers, fish houses are limited to Seven (7) days.  Effective May 2022 “Any additional camper on an owner’s lot will be charged a daily fee of $15per day from day 1 and must be pre-registered with the office, The maximum time that a 2nd camper can remain on a lot is seven (7) days.  A 2nd camper after removal has to remain off of a residents’ lot for a period of seven (7) days.”  Any owner who violates this rule will receive a letter stating that the 2nd camper is in violation of this rule, and has twenty (20) days to remove second camper. Owner will continue to pay at a rate of $15 per day up to 20 days. If not complied with after this timeframe day 21, an letter/invoice will be sent to the owner with a violation fee of $25/day till 2nd camper is removed.  Extra campers on lots are costing the campground money, i.e., extra electrical, usage of the pools, comfort stations, boat slips etc by guests/additional family members.  “Utility trailers are not considered a “camper” unless there is a bed or sleeping area in it. 
  2. Camping Space in Cluster 1 will also be $15 per day starting May 2022.


If you have any questions Please reach out to your Committee Member or Jeff Johnson. 



All Ups/Fedex packages will not be delivered at the office after Fri 9/24

Please if you have any Pkgs in the office come and pick them up.




Laundrys rooms  in Comfort station 4 and 5 will be closed Sept 22 


Thx Vicki

UPS & Fedex  Packages will stop being delivered to the office on Fri Sept 24th.

Have your pks delivered by then or you will have to contact UPS / Fedex directly to track down.


Thx Vicki

Cluster 1 Gate has been down for a while now. The mother board was burned and has been replaced. The gear box is broken and also will be replaced.

The gear box is on order and as soon as it gets in, Birchdale will be out to install it.


Thx Vicki

Owners meeting/Fireside chats. Rather than the two yearly owners meetings, Fireside Chats are going to be instituted.   Fireside chats will be monthly get togethers wherein the Residents can meet with the Committee members, familiarize themselves as to who the committee members are, and discuss any issues or ideas.  These will be held every 2nd Saturday at 9:00 am to 10am May thru Sept. The locations will be determined each month, and posted on the website to make sure all owners are aware. The committee members can therefore take any unresolved issues back to the full committee for further discussions and resolutions. Residents could also preregister their issues/ideas at the office. This process will begin May 2022.

Tuesday Sept 14 there will be limited access to the Whitebirch boat slips and beach area.
If you need your boat for fishing etc, Please move over to Breezy Center Boat slips for the day. This is located in front of Dockside.
The resort will be doing some work in the area. You may return the your boat to the Whitebirch slips the following day on Wed.

Thx Vicki
Any questions Please call the office.


I want to update some more information for the season end closing. Please be aware of the dates they have changed !
Office will be closed for the season on Saturday Sept 25 end of day.

1. Laundry Rooms will be winterized the week of Sept 27 and then closed down.
2. Packages UPS, FEDEX - No more deliveries to office effective Fri, Sept 24
3. Water is still on to blow out Oct 4, 5, 6
4. Comfort Stations 2, 3, 4- will be closed the week of Sept 27.
5. Comfort Stations 1 & 5 will remain open till after deer hunting season.
6. Storage- Will be open till Sunday Oct 3, After that you will have to contact J Johnson to get access.

Thank you, Stay Safe!


WBCC Campground Season 2021 coming to a close.


**Water lines will be blown out on Monday Oct 4,5,6


**Comfort Stations 2,3,4 will be closed down Oct 4,5,6


**Comfort Station 1, 5 will remain open until after deer hunting season.


**Storage will be closed by Oct 6, will have to contact J Johnson for entry into storage. Get your boats done early prior to closing.


** Office will be closing on Thursday Oct 7.


**UPS & FEDEX will no longer be delivering packages to the office effective Oct 1.  Please make sure you have ordered and received your pkgs by then.



If you have any questions, please contact the office.

The water lines in  the campground will be blown out starting Monday October 4, 5, 6

Please have your units winterized prior to that date.

Pools are closing on September 7. 


Thanks Vicki

As of Aug 25th Crow Wing County still has NO OPEN BURNING & NO CAMPFIRES ALLOWED.

I will keep you posted on any updates.




Looking for qualified and enthusiastic candidates for the Campground Committee Cluster 1 for the season starting in 2022 and beyond.  The ideal candidates should be willing to take an active part in the Committee with attendance at meetings, bringing fresh ideas in regard to the Campground, looking at problems and working toward resolutions and be actively speaking to homeowners in their Clusters.  If you are interested and feel that you would be a good addition to the Committee based upon your prior experience and future commitment to this Committee, please forward your background history or resume, as well as a cover letter indicating how your commitment would be helpful in producing a very active Committee. Please forward this information to and

Owners a reminder : If you are building a MN room, Deck ,Shed, Holding Tank, Awning etc.


If you do not have a permit stop and get the paperwork from the office.

Owners in non compliance are subject to fines! 


Thank You 


If you sell your property Please make sure that the office is contacted as to who you are selling to!

We need to have the New Owner registration filled out along with the gate card# you are giving to the new owner.

These cards will be put in the their name, any other cards in the seller name will be deactivated.

Please make sure this is done to avoid any issues and hassles with gate cards.




Thx Vicki


 Due to the very dry conditions state wide.  Crow Wing County is under a NO CAMPFIRES OR OPEN BURNING Ban !!!

Absolutely NO FIREWORKS !!

Please do not burn anything ! If you are burning you will be asked to put it out !

Thanks you,



August 2, 2021

Attention Owners:  If your gate cards do not work, please come to the office.  I can scan them and see what is happening.  Owners please do not let others into the campground if their cards to not work. There is a reason!   Come and see me.  Thanks, Vicki


Labor Day Weekend  Gathering

When: Saturday Sept 4th

Time: 4pm to 6pm

COST is $5 per person. You can purchase your tickets at the office.

Please have them purchased no later than Sat Aug 21st.

I need a headcount for food ordering- Bring your ticket with you to the event. 


Pavilion we are serving:

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Baked Beans

Corn Bread

PLEASE Bring your own beverage !

LIVE MUSIC will be provided by Gina & Mark- from 4pm to 7pm

Come on out and have a end of the season gathering with your friends and family !!!!


July 21, 2021

SELLERS if you are selling your lot PLEASE tell the new buyers to come to the Office and give us the new information.  I want to make sure that the gate cards are moved to the new owners name, and any old cards are deactivated.  We need the most current information on our new owners.

Thank you, Vicki


July 16, 2021

Housekeeping works very hard to keep our Comfort Stations clean for owners and guests that use them!  I can not stress enough if you are using the Comfort Stations PLEASE dispose of your fecal matter in the toilets NOT in the showers!!  This is a very unsanitary act and down right disgusting.


July 12, 2021

The parking lot by the office is for guest parking for 2 - 3 days in a row.  Please do not use this area as a storage area.  If you need storage, please come and see me to see if I have a spot for you to fit in.  There are other storage facilities in the area.  Please check into these also.  When guests leave the campground they need to take these trailers, boats, etc with them.  Any questions, pleae come ans sese me.



July 12, 2021

ALL owners need to read the rules and regulations for the Campground.  I want to post this so everyone is on the same page. Thanks Vicki


July 9, 2021

There has been a lot of guests in the campground.  I want to remind ALL owners that a 2nd camper is allowed on your lot for 7 days and then needs to be removed.  Please make sure that when parking these additional campers that you  are on your lot and not onto someone else's lot even a little bit.  Please be respectful of your neighbors.

Thanks, Vicki


July 9, 2021

Please DO NOT USE the Tennis Courts as a Dog Park!

Thank you, Vicki


July 1, 2021


Please when backing in your boat/trailer please make sure you are in the inside of the 10 foot area.  If you get outside of the 10 foot area or park at a slight angle you are now impacting the site next to you.  If you need help we can assist with that.

I still have some small sites open for small utility trailers and small fishing boats.  If anyone is intersted please contact me.  NO pontoons they are too large for the areas.

Thanks Vicki


June 28, 2021

If you are ordering on line and the packages are being delivered to the Campground office, please pick them up as soon as possible.

I do have several packages here that have not been picked up.  Vicki


June 24, 2021

The 2 new speed bumps have been installed on Whitebirch Way in Cluster 1.  Speed bump signage has been posted along with 5MPH signs in both areas.  The temporary bumps have been removed.  Please respect and be aware of your surroundings.  Thank you Vicki


June 22, 2021


New Owners Informational Meeting

When:  Saturday July 24th

Where:  Pavilion

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Please join us.


June 22, 2021

The Campground has installed 2 speed bumps on Whitebirch Way due to speeding through the campground at more than 5MPH.  Posted.

These are temporary until the actual speed bumps come in.

Please be respectful of your neightbor, and most of all the children that play in and around the area along with our pets!

Be Safe and Slow Down!!

Vicki, Manager


June 22, 2021

Boat parking is either at your site or in storage.  The parking lot by the office is not for boat parking!  If you have a boat parked in this parking lot, please remove it.  There is temporary boat parking down in Cluster 1 by the tennis court.

Thanks, Vicki


Due to the very dry conditions in the area, I am asking owners/friends/guests not to burn leaves/trash.  If you are having a campfire please use wood, keep it small and always put out the cinders with water when you are done.  One spark can burn down a forest!

Thank you Vicki WBCC Manager


June 4, 2021

Per the By-Laws: 1 permament camper per lot!  Owners may have only 1 permament camper/park model per lot.  Additional tents or pop-ups are limited to 7 days only! 

If you have a second camper on your lot for more than 7 days please remove it!  If you have a second lot please put the second camper on that lot. Notices will be going out to owners regarding the extended use of a second camper.

Thanks Vicki



Regarding the pool areas, these are for people to relax, have fun with friends and family.


Thank you Vicki


Cluster 1 has 2 speed dips  on Whitebirch Way.  There is signage posted.  Please slow down when driving thru the campground, there are children at play!  Thanks, Vicki


June 1, 2021

Owners:  If you are building or putting a holding tank in, you need to get a permit from the office.  It has to be approved by the campground and then taken to the City of Breezy Pont for building permit.  Holding tanks need approval from the campground and you will go to the Crow Wing County Courthouse for the permit.

Thanks Vicki

May 28, 2021

REMINDER:  Please boat owners if you are docking your boat at the WBCC boat docks by the beach you do need to get the new
BLUE boat sticker for your boat.  Stickers are $5.00.  Please stop by the office.  Thanks Vicki


This Memorial Day weekend please make sure all guests and family members are aware of the rules for the Campground.  We all need to be respectful of our neighbors.  Please keep in mind the current golf cart rules regarding kids!  Pool rules and quiet times!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!  Vicki


I wanted to address an issue that seems to be happening often!  When going through the gate please only 1 car/truck go through at a time!  I have seen 3 cars going through at a time and trucks with trailers going through tail gating with the vehicles ahead of them. 

All the owners in the campground bear the costs of the gates.  You Break you Buy!  The gate is there for security not just for you but all the owners here in the Campground!  Please respect that and NO tail gating!



May 14, 2021

For the 2021 boating season we will be issuing a new blue sticker for your boat.  Please stop by the office to register for the 2021 sticker.  You may be asked to fill out a new information form for your boat.  If we have one from the past, we will verify the info.  The 2021 blue boat sticker will be $5.00.

My staff will be walking the docks and checking for the new blue sticker.  All owners of WBCC will have to come to the office to get one if they are using the WBCC boat docks.  The new sticker does not reserve a space for you at the docks it only indicates that you are a current owner.  This should help minimize the usage from non WBCC folks.  New signage has been ordered and will be posted at the docks.

Thank you Vicki


May 13, 2021

I will be posting ALL the information regarding the campground on this Website:

Please check the websitre for the current updated information.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact the office.

Thank you. Vicki

May 7, 2021

When cleaning up your sites if you have any of the following items please take them to compost site located ate 7497 Dakota Drive, Breezy Point  - Leaves, Grass Clippings, Ashes

Do not push into the woods/forest and do not put your bags or dump debris by the trash cans

Thanks Vicki

September  22, 2020


The old location has been closed so here is the new location.

Conservation Debris Area:

Now At: 7947 Dakota Drive, Breezy Point

South on Ranchette, left on Percheron Dr, turn left on Dakota Dr.

You will go through a little trail but the area opens up.

Please make sure you put your debris in the correct pile.  Hours will be open during the day light time frame.

Yes they have a pile for ashes only!

Please use this facility do not put leaves, brush and ashes in the woods or in common areas.

The new faciltiy is closer than before.

Thanks, Vicki WBCC Mgr


September  11, 2020


1)       The Permanent Storage site fees will increase to $125 per year.  This will be effective as of May 1, 2021.   These fees will be due during the month of May each year.   If there are any changes to the items being stored, then a new registration permit form must be completed.


2)       A utility charge of $20.00 per day for the reserved RV site located in Cluster I will be effective as of May 1, 2021.  The owner of the lot requesting a reservation for a friend/relative will be charged the $20 per night utility charge which can be paid at the Whitebirch office.


3)      Beginning May 1, 2021 the Whitebirch boat stickers will be changing color.  All boats registered will have to obtain a new boat sticker for the particular year.  There will be a $5.00 sticker charge to cover the cost of new stickers.  These colored stickers will change each year to help identify the boats that belong to Whitebirch owners only.    You may begin to purchase your new stickers in the spring of 2021.  You will have to complete a boat registration form if you have not done so. Bigger and better signage about “Permit Parking only” will also be coming next year.  PURCHASING A BOAT STICKER DOES NOT GUARANTEE A BOAT SPOT-the spots are first come-first served on the docks.


4)      The Pavilion area is available for use for non Whitebirch events.  Beginning May 1, 2021, there will be a $50 deposit charge for this usage.  Upon completion and cleanup of the event, the amount of $25 will be refunded to the owner.  These funds will not go into the general budget but will be used for such things as painting of the picnic tables, and general upkeep of the pavilion.


If you have any questions please call or email me.

Vicki WBCC Mgr

218-831-1919-- office


Reminder:  If owners have not filled out their owners information form please do so before the end of the season.  You can pick up the form here at the office or I can email the form to you.

My email here at the office is:

Office will be closed on Sunday's through the end of September.

Friday September 25 will be the last day that my staff and I will be here at the campground.

The office will be closed for the season.

PLEASE:  if you have been ordering on line packages to be sent here make sure you have done so in plenty of time so you   receive the package before September 25.

Reminder:  Water blow out October 8, 9, 10, and 11

Reminder:   Pools are now closed.

Reminder:    Storage Sunday - Thursday 8 to 8.  Friday and Saturday 8 to 10 till end of September.

Reminder:    Send email to me on any water leaking from outdoor faucets.

Reminder:    Disconnect any and all outdoor hoses.

Reminder:    When parking boats in storage stay between the 10 foot poles.

Thank you, if you have any questions please contact me at the office 218-831-1919.

Vicki WBCC Manager


September 1, 2020

The summer season here in MN is once again coming to a close.  It was a different year due to Covid but I am hoping that next year 2021 will be much better.

There have been several projects done this season and a lot of cleaning and clearing of lots.  Keep it up! We will be having a spring clean up in 2021.  Will keep you posted.

The final roll off is in storage.  I will not be ordering another one once this is full.

Our voluteers have been awesome and have  done a great job!!!!!! Thank you!

The response in filling our your information along with gate cards have been super, if you have not turned in your sheet please do so at the office.

Just a reminder for this comming up weekend (Labor Day) we will all need to do our part and make sure we are following the rules of the park.

Quiet time is at 11:00 p.m  on Friday and Saturday.

Golf cart driving age is 15.

Be respectful of your neighbor.

if building a shed, a MN room, deck etc, please fill out the paperwork for approval of the structure before you start building.

Please remind your guests of the rules also, this make it much easier for my security folks.

I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into your park as your Campground Manager, I am looking forward to seeing all of you next year.


Vicki - WBCC Manager

September 1, 2020

Storage Hours starting after Labor Day will be as follows:

September 8, 2020 storage will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.   Friday and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  This will remain in effect until the end of September, at that time hours will change again but the hours will be posted on the website for October through April.

Reminder:  Starting September 8 the pools will be closed for the season.



August 14, 2020

The parking area down by the Guard Shack in Cluster 2 IS NOT BOAT PARKING!!  The temp storage area is located in Cluster 1 down by the tennis courts.  This area has been increased in size and has class 5 laid down.

Park your boats down in that area.

The re-numbering has been completed in the permanent storage area, I now need for folks to re-adjust their boats into there 10ft space, and we can start to call folks on the waiting list and get then parked also.

Any questions, comments, concerns.  Please call the office.

Vicki - WBCC manager



August 12, 2020

I want to update everyone about the storage area.  The current storage area in the middle will be renumbered again.  The permieter numbering will not be changed.

The spacing in the center will be at 10 ft wide.  The rope is up and numbers will be out soon.

I ask that you park with in the 10 ft spacing.  Your spot will be the same spot just a different number.  Please look at your spot and if you are between 2 spaces Please re-adjust your parking.

I will be calling folks on the waiting list next week.

If need be, we can re-adjust for you!

The New Storage area is being preppred for Elite Fencing to come out and install the fencing and gate.  This also will be 10 ft wide spaces.  There will be a pass thru from the new storage to the old storage area.  This area will be completed by the end of August.

Again the remaining folks on the list will be called at that time.

By doing this change we will pick up alot more spots to  have permanent storage inside the campground.  If the 10ft spacing is too narrow you may want to consider storage in town.

Please be careful when backing in and be considerate to your fellow owner,

Vicki - WBCC Manager




August 5, 2020

Temporary Storge for Campground Owners has been completed for use by both Cluster 1 and 2.

Please keep in mind this area is for 7 days only and is not a permanent storage area!!

When parking your boat, trailer or RV please park straight in DO NOT PARK AT ANGLES.

Please keep close to your neighbor so more folks can use the area

Use of this area beyond 7 days is an abuse of the privilege provided to you during our busy season and may prevent another owner being able to use their privilege.

Stay Safe !!

Vicki, WBCC Mgr


August 3, 2020


Regarding Gate  Cards

Thanks to all the  owners who are quickly filling  these out and getting them back to us here in the office.  There are still forms being passd out in Cluster 1 yet.

In completing your form please make sure to include ALL of your gate cards on the form.  If there are any cards in your name that are not listed on the form they will be deactivated.  However if you encounter a deactivated card and you are still an owner, stop by the office and have it re-activated.  This new process will allow us to keep better control of the gate cards!  Thank you all for your cooperation and Stay Safe!


Vicki - WBCC Manager


July 28, 2020

Attention:  Cluster 2 Temporary Storage

WBCC will be expanding the permanent storage in Cluster 2 to incorporate the temporary storage area.  Elite Fending will be putting up a fence to secure the area and also a second gate entrance into the area.

BUT I need for anyone who has a boat, trailer in the temporary storage area in Cluster 2 to please have this removed by no later than Monday August 10.  After this date we will be blocking off that area to start excavating and prepping it for fencing to be installed

We will be picking up more permanent storage sites after this has been completed.  I do have a waiting list for sites.  Please check and make sure you are on the list.  After fencing is complete I will be calling the first person on the waiting list and start assigning spots in order.

In Cluster 1 we are expanding temporary storage so this area will become the 7 day storage area.  Please keep to 7 days!!

Any questions or concerns please contact the office 218-831-1919.

Vicki, WBCC Manager


July 28, 2020


ATTENTION:  Cluster 1 Temporary Storage

If you have a vehicle or trailer in the temp storage area in Cluster 1 that has been there more than 7 days Please remove ASAP.  If you have issues getting your boat, trailer moved please let the Office know and we can move it for you!

WBCC will be startng to expand the temp storage area in Cluster 1 to fit more temporary storage spots.  Mark will be doing some bobcat work in that area.  We will be marking the ground with stakes.  Please keep between the metal poles when parking.

I would appreciate your moving your stuff out by Monday August 3 in order to get the work done.  Anything left will be moved by the park!

Your assistance in this matter would be much appreciated?

Any questions or concerns please contact the office.  218-831-1919

Thank you,

Vicki WBCC Manager

July 17, 2020

I will be handing out information sheets to ALL owners to fill out.  The purpose is to update our information so it is current and correct.  Please fill them out and stop by the office to drop off.  My team will be stopping by your home here in the campground to drop one off.

Thanks, Vicki


July 17, 2020


Clarification on the Permit for a Golf Cart Sticker for City of Breezy Point

** You do not need a City of Breezy Point Permit for your Golf Cart IF that cart Does Not Leave the Campground!!


July 16, 2020

IMPORTANT:  The golf cart rules for the Whitebirch Campground have been updated effective August 1, 2020 due to helping to protect the safety of all residents and guests.  Please review this notice with your families and guests and help us work to abide by them.   Note:  At the present time, there is not a Whitebirch Golf Cart course being offered and therefore no new certificates will be given.

  Effective Aug 1, 2020 *******UPDATED WBCC I AND II GOLF CART  RULES

** All Golf Carts must have a City of Breezy Point Permit **

**Golf carts within the Whitebirch Campground Clusters I and II must have their Cluster #, Block & Lot displayed on the rear of the vehicle.

All numbers must be 2” tall

**All Golf carts must have Insurance Coverage**

** Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH **


 The age requirement to drive a golf cart within the City of Breezy Point is 15 years of age.

**Effective Aug 1, 2020 The age to drive a golf cart in the White Birch Campground will also be 15 years of age.** 

If a youngster has previously taken the WBCC golf driving test and received a certificate from the Campground office, and are under the age of 15, the child has to wear his/her lanyard with certificate attached AND be accompanied by an adult seated next to them on the golf cart only on Campground Property .


Note to Parents & Grandparents : 


All children are being asked to abide by these rules and asking for your help in enforcing this policy to insure the safety of all.  Please remind your children that driving is a privilege. 


Stay Safe


Vicki Woods

Whitebirch Campground Manager



June 30, 2020

No one likes a power outage!

Due to the recent strain on the electric grid here at the park, we can all do our part and try to reduce the electric usage.  When we have extra campers on our sites, multiple air conditioners, they are pulling extra electric, it also puts extra strain on the park electric grid blowing the breakers. The park employees are doing their best to correct the situation and trying to get the electric back on. Please be patient!  No need to dial 911.  Please call the office and let us know.

Thank you

Vicki, WBCC Manager


Please make sure that if you have a small child that requires a diaper, PLEASE use Little Swimmers, they are designed for a small child so that they do not have accidents in the pool.  When fecal/diarrhea accidents occur in or around the pool we do have to close the pool!  Please for everyone in the campground  use Little Swimmers.

Thank you.

Vicki WBCC Manager


June 24, 2020

Pool Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Please keep the pool areas clean and pick up after yourself.

Reminder due to COVID 19 restrictons.  Please NO POOL TOYS ALLOWED!

No pets in the pool area.

No glass bottles.

No food.

Thank you WBCC Manager Vicki


June 22, 2020

Regarding extra campers on your lot.  Owners may only have 1 permanent camper/RV on their lot.  Additional tents or pop ups are limited to 7 days only!  If you are an owner that has more than 1 on your lot, please remove it.

Please make sure that your 911 sign is located out on the curb in front of your home.  If you have removed the 911 sign, please make sure it is put back.  This helps us all find your home quickly.

Thanks for your help.

WBCC Manager Vicki



REMINDER to Kids and Parents:  12 years or older or if they don't have a drivers license.

If you have a child that has taken the driving course in the past (WB or DNR) and driving a golf cart inside the resort, they have to have their blue lanyard with the permit displayed on their person while driving the golf cart.  If they have lost it, stop by the office to get another.


Kids using golf carts must obey the 5 mile per hour speed limit.

Stay on the right of the road.

Stop at all stop signs.

No use of cell phones while driving.

Can Not drive after dark.

Absolutely NO HORSE PLAY while driving.

Security will be checking all kids and if they do not have their permits on them and displayed they will be asked to go back to their site and park the cart.

Parents, please understand the rules for under age driving and help to enforce the park policies!

At this time there are NO golf cart driving course classes available at the resort.

Thank you,

WBCC Manager Vicki


June 11, 2020

WBCC Pool Rules


WBCC # 1 - 15 people allowed in pool area

WBCC # 2 - 30 people allowed in pool area

                     3 in kiddie pool

                     7 in hot tub

No large groups or parties allowed

No swim toys of any kind allowed


Hands - wash them often and well.

Face - don't touch it

Distance - Stay over 6 feet apart

Feeling Sick - go home

Please see signage at pools for additional information.



June 9, 2020
Please be mindful of our electric usage.  It is part of the dues that you pay, but please also keep that in mind that when you leave for a week, please turn off your air conditioner.

Thank you, WBCC Manager, Vicki


Trash Dumpsters are emptied Mondays and Fridays.  These dumpsters are only for household trash!  Not hazardous waste!!  There is a purple 20 yard roll off dumpster that has been dropped in the storage area, this will be used for larger items that should not be put in the regular household dumpsters.  Please be respectful and courteous to your neighbors and clean up behind yourself.

Thank you, Whitebirch Management


In case of severe weather and resident's need to go to the storm shelter:  The storm shelter is located at the convention center in the Breezy Point Resort.  Comfort Stations are not storm shelters!


Going forward Whitebirch Campground will start using the 911 street address numbers (blue numbers) that have been assigned to your site to identify where you are located in the park.  Please become familiar with your number and street name.  We will no longer using lot and block to identify your site.  This will help to assist everyone in easily finding your site.

Thank you,
Whitebirch Campground Manager


Office Hours 8:00 - 4:30

Campground Phone Numbers:  Office  218-562-5474  Cell 218-831-1919